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Learn To Recognise And Deal With Stress Symptoms

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Vacations

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These days what with work and and home life being carried out at such a fast pace, it is not surprising that many people start to develop Stress Symptoms. A few years ago life was very different. Back then your work environment was a safe and calm environment and the job was set at a much a slower rate. Now people today are rushed. Because of this it is causing much more stress and strain on the body.

People rush about everywhere. In fact some people actually thrive on competition and ambition. A little bit of stress can be a great thing. It will make your body feel alert and the work will be done so much faster and better. To get on well today, it seems that the more pressure your body can take, the better.

The trouble starts when a person decides that they can cope with all the pressure. They can feel fine. But then all of a sudden a panic attack can come out of nowhere and make their world turn upside down. It usually starts with the feeling that something is wrong. But they are not sure exactly what. Slowly their heart rate starts to go up, and a panic attack begins.

Being stressed is a physical response to a real or imaginary attack upon the person in question. It is known as the fight or flight reaction. Adrenaline will rush to the most important muscles of your body as a defense system to escape. The trouble starts when your body reacts to too much work or something that is not dangerous but pushes the boundaries of your mind.

The first signs are quite simple to recognize. For example your body will begin to feel agitated and the slightest problem, unable to keep still your emotions can become out of control. Crying, shouting or shaking will follow. Your moods will fluctuate and something called the frozen syndrome will kick in. This means that even though your mind is rushing around in an agitated state, the actual act of doing anything will be impossible.

It is at this stage that depression will start to make you feel ill. Your mind will not be able to cope and your body will start to succumb. Long term problems can arise. Blood pressure will be raised, and a heart attack will ensue. Strokes can also be caused by long term stressful situations. But one of the major concerns is that, along with long term stress, your brain can be rewired to cause permanent anxiety symptoms, panic attacks and depression. Therefore making the person dependent on medication.

There are many types of stresses and strains in everyday life. A marriage or divorce can cause short term problems to start. Unlike continual work related problems the person may feel that he or she will improve after a short while. This may be so, all depending on the individual. Everybody is different. One person can cope with major changes in their lives, others break down much quicker with smaller problems. Nobody knows who will be able to cope with it until it actually happens.

Apart from suffering with insomnia people can also begin to get skin problems and even experience pain. As the auto immune system is a major part of the problem your body is actually being attacked by its own defense breaking down. Along with panic attacks and major depressive disorders it will take a very long time for your body to get back to really good health. To check out Stress Symptoms and to see if your body is putting too much strain on itself, always get a Doctors opinion.

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