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Learn Golf Skills Faster

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Research is showing both golfers and instructors that there is a better way to learn golf skills. There are several critical factors which enhance learning.

Thoroughly learn one skill at a time. Introducing more than one skill at a time restricts the learning of both skills. The way our brains process information demands that we focus on one skill at a time. During the first six hours after we learn a new skill our brain is building new pathways. If a new skill is introduced during those six hours retention of both skills is disrupted. A golf lesson should focus on one new skill at a time. This one new skill should be mastered before moving on to a new skill.

Sleep following the learning of a new skill is critical. Sleep continues to enhance the learning that took place during acquisition of the new skill. The skill becomes hard wired into the brain. It becomes more automated and reproducible enabling us to carry out the new task without actively thinking about it. It’s important to get a good night sleep after your lesson. The brain builds necessary pathways during sleep.

Practice sessions must have regular rest periods. A long practice session without breaks actually retards learning. The best learning takes place when we take our attention away from the task and then return to it. Switch back and forth between full swing, putting, and chipping. Returning to a skill after taking a break deepens learning.

Performance and learning are enhanced when a variety of shots are performed. Learning is superficial if you robotically repeat the same motion over and over during a long practice session. Switching topics encourages repeatedly renewing your focus. Vary the type of shot, club used, and distances so that your brain is constantly having to create and relearn. The depth of your memory is deepened when you force yourself to recreate the motion in a variety of ways

Learn and enhance golf skills by following these principals: learn one new skill at a time, get a good nights sleep after learning a new skill, take breaks during the practice of routine skills, add challenge to practice routines by varying the type of shot, club used and distance to target.

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