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Langkawi Package: The Best Of Archipelago’s Island

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Compared to all other tourist destinations in the Island of Archipelago, Langkawi is most talked about today. What makes people get so endeared to Langkawi; they talk about the beauty that first greet you when you visit the place, the duty free benefits that you enjoy, and the opportunity to buy cheap luxuries. Langkawi is a local word formed from two words ‘eagle’ and ‘marble’. Both eagle and marble are common all over the Island so the natives have no choice but to name her after these most abundant natural resources.

Langkawi though rich in ancient culture had lost most of the past heritage and history, but enough facts still point to the richness of the Island. The Island witnessed the settlement of the Chinese within the territory around 500 AD Transporting yourself in Langkawi is restricted only to three means of transportation which you can easily around the Island. You can hire any car of your choice for the numbers of days you want to stay in Langkawi to enable you do your visiting at any time or hour that you want, knowledgeable guides are also available. If you want to save on transportation type, you can opt for car, the cheapest among the three available choices.

With the motorbike, the adventurous visitors can get adequate satisfaction. The motorbike is for the risk takers, but it can be cheap too. Almost everywhere you will find rental services in Langkawi. Because bad roads in some areas of the Island any visitor driving must do it with care and must also obey the laws of the land in order not to get into trouble with the law enforcement officers. Taxis are more expensive when compared to cars and motorbikes, although they are good for moving around in the Island. With RM5 to RM10, you can travel to most places you want. You will not find many shops in Langkawi, but what you find will be of quality products and material which will satisfy your needs always.

The place you visit for any thing that you want and get it if it is available on the Island is Kuah. With Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall one hundred retail store all combine outfit visitors can also buy several product that they cannot find elsewhere. Among the conglomerate of stores listed above is the Billion Duty Free Department Store. In Langkawi you will find lots of items sold cheap for visitors, this is one of the areas of vacationing that many visitors enjoy and why they come to the Island.

In Kuah you will also find Langkawi Duty Free outlet for more cheap items. Should a shopper visit this shop, he will not find a big building but a busy one and evidences of well satisfied customers. Another duty free outlet you can visit is The Parade located at the outskirt of Teow Soon Huat; they too stock great items for shoppers. There had been lots of renovation at Jetty Kuah where you can also find shops and malls to patronize. Whichever place you have chosen to be in Langkawi, you can get real duty free items to buy as they are located just everywhere. If you are interested in buying local crafts, many of these shops also stocks them. Shopping is among the major activities going on in Langkawi as hordes of tourists tour the Island.

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