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Keeping Fit During the Holidays

by on May.15, 2013, under Vacations

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Going on a vacation is very stressful. This calls for a lot of partying and travelling. The strains on your finances all these would cause will definitely add to the stress. You definitely would then need to stay away from the stresses daily life hands to you. Spain can be a pretty good holiday destination. Part of these tours are airfare, hotel accommodations and even guided tours and car rentals. Although a lot of great deals can be found, what is important is for you to get to your destination, soak in some sun and indulge in that regions cuisine without having to worry about all those calories and your diet.

Getting in Good Physical Condition

Make sure to inquire with your hotel about exercise facilities that may be available to you when you’re on vacation. Most hotels have their own fitness centres or may be in agreement with gyms in the area that could give discounts for hotel guests.

If the hotel you’re staying in have their own fitness centres, then it’s easy for you to take advantage of their fitness mats for exercising or stretching, weight machines, stationary bicycles and treadmills. Make sure to know the gym hours in your hotel. In the absence of gym facilities in your hotel, you can capitalise on their swimming pool. Swim lapses in their pool, this can be a perfect exercise regime for you. Walking the hotel grounds can be an alternative that you can take advantage of keep in shape.

Renting a bicycle or a pedal boat is one other alternative available to you. A lot of hotels have these amenities for their guests to take advantage of. This is a perfect way for you to get some exercise and take in the scenery.

Getting in shape while on vacation is one great way for you to meet new people. What makes it more enjoyable is if you combine exercise while running your errands and exploring the city altogether. There is no better way to take in the view that the city has to offer than on foot. You may want to check in with some of the hotel’s staff and see which tourist destination is within walking distance from your hotel. You will be getting some exercise and saving on bus fares too. Because of its proximity to your hotel there is no need for you take a cab or a bus in getting there, but you can walk instead.

Viewing the City

There are other advantages from taking your workout out on the streets. Dancing can be one other option. Clubbing lets you sweat all those unwanted pounds off and socialise at the same time.

Check out jogging paths or parks near your hotel. It will be a great opportunity for you to burn all those unwanted calories and catch up on the local scenery at the same time. Jogging through the parks and along visually attractive, in a charming or pretty style, waterways will allow you to get a workout at the same time it gives you an opportunity to discover the city or even pick out where to go for dinner. Another option would be for you to enrol in short term exercise classes. It’s a perfect opportunity to try out local zumba or belly dancing classes. You just don’t burn those unwelcome calories, but you are also in a way supporting local businesses.

You get to accomplish so many things even while you’re on vacation. You should check out expense reports while sweating it off on a stationary bicycle. If you’re travelling because you’re on vacation, then sightseeing on foot is a perfect option for you to get in shape. You are in a way, hitting two birds with a single stone, shedding those excess weight off while taking in the sights and sounds of the city streets.

Tips, Tricks and Warning Signs

You don’t get to go on vacation every day. But if and when you do get the chance to, make sure to leave the hubbub of everyday life back at home. A great holiday means taking in some sun, with a glass of sparkling mimosa in one hand and your favourite book in the other. It’s all about allowing oneself to enjoy the pleasure of being on vacation without feeling guilty about that, satisfaction guaranteed. Although, before going less active the whole day, make sure to sweat it off in the gym first. That way, you will feel a little less guilty before committing yourself to that chaise lounge by the pool side. Being on vacation means having to try out new exercise programs, but make sure to stay within the bounds of your comfort limits. To prevent getting injured, if you’re not sure how to safely do an exercise regimen, then don’t do it all. This way, you lessen the chances of cutting your trip short, as any form of accident will surely send you home sooner than planned. What would make it more of a hassle is if your health insurance does not cover out of country costs. Staying safe and healthy at all times is still the best course of action.

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