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Introduction To General Aviation

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Designing, developing, flying and maintaining an aircraft are part of piloting. Every country piloting is divided into two parts: Air force and Civil. Civil industry also has bifurcation: Commercial and Scheduled flights and Commercial/Non-Commercial non-scheduled flights. The first one is commonly referred as airline industry. The later category is very interesting and is known as basic piloting. Many private flights are operating in North American region can be classified as General Aviation or (GA). It has many flights like business jets, chartered planes, hang gliding, parachute jumping and many more.

General Aviation includes heavy-duty business jets and less expensive customized planes also. They are all demand based and non-scheduled. The license exams for pilots in both categories are same but functioning of plane can be very different in both of them. Customized planes are used for private purpose and they can be made through variety of materials.

Flight training is also considered to be a part of basic piloting. Government makes strict safety rules for flying to prevent any accidents. This is a very prevalent recreational action. If you learn something about avionics then flying could be more fun. North America has many excellent training schools for this purpose.

To have a common safety standard throughout the world United Nations has formed international regulatory body for basic aeronautics, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It plays a crucial role in piloting industry because out of 100 flights 77 flights are of basic piloting. There could be a country own regulatory body as well.

The regulation of air shows is also done by country piloting agencies because they use myriad number of aircrafts of different types. It also helps private pilots to have risk management assessment of their plane and flying because the number of accidents occur in general piloting are greater than in commercial piloting.

Recreational part of General Aviation is very cool. It makes people do something new and feel energetic about it. 166 million people use any form of General Aviation so safety should be a pivotal factor while doing a recreational activity.

The private jets use same airports as that of airlines or cargo because it is used for business purposes. The airports for recreational aircrafts are generally different because they demand more autonomy and different place than commercial planes. They might also be in far places. Thus, basic piloting is an important revenue generation source for an economy and it will continue to grow in future also.

When you’re ready to begin your search for General Aviation aircraft, then you may want to start with aviation classifieds. You’ll be able to find aircraft with the Dakota Cub slotted wing.

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