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Important Tips For Planning Romantic Weekend Getaways

by on Feb.03, 2013, under Travel

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If considering doing something more special than flowers and candy this Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day weekend getaways are a consideration, here are some great tips for you to remember. You want this trip to be memorable so make sure that you consider the following details.

1. Work Schedules

Even when you want the romantic trip to be a surprise, you still want to ask you wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend whether they can get away for a particular weekend with you. For busy professionals or even those busy with kids and family, weekends can be booked up so do check before planning the trip. It is pointless to plan a great trip only for your partner to say that he or she cannot get away.

2. Overcome awkwardness

There are certain aspects of going away together even on a short Valentine’s Day weekend getaway that may be uncomfortable especially if not discussed beforehand. It also depends on how well you know each other or how long you have been dating. One of these issues is whether to book one or two rooms. This may be uncomfortable unless you both know what is expected and have discussed the issue.

Avoid making assumptions that may make the other person uncomfortable. You can even leave it up to the other person to decide if there are any uncomfortable areas of the trip that you are unsure about.

3. Location

For a Valentine’s Day Weekend getaway or any other getaway, you want to ensure that the location you pick is one that your partner will love. You should also like the location but when in doubt, always defer to your partners likes and dislikes when trying to decide on the destination and want to surprise him or her with it.

4. Romantic trips as a gift

A romantic trip even a weekend trip or a discounted trip will in most cases be considered an extravagant gift so consider the stage and length of the relationship before planning this getaway. You do not want to make the other person uncomfortable if they feel that the relationship does not yet warrant such an extravagant gift. You may do better with flowers and candy on Valentine’s.

These are some tips when planning romantic trips. For the top Valentine’s Day weekend getaways, got to http://www.squidoo.com/valentines-day-weekend-getaways.. This article, Important Tips For Planning Romantic Weekend Getaways is available for free reprint.

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