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Importance Of Station Clocks In Railway Terminus Today

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One feature that cannot be missed in the railway terminus today is the station clocks. They may not trigger much thought on sight but they are bound to raise a few questions in the mind of the curious passenger. One would begin to wonder what exact purpose it is they serve.

The most obvious importance is that of telling the time. Early days of the 19th century did not have the kind of technology that is available today. These clocks were important in making passengers aware of the time. Among the first terminus to use them was the grand central terminal in 1913. There were limited ways of telling the time during this period. The most common one was the wrist watch.

Supposing one could not afford the wrist watch, it would be difficult to tell the time while travelling. This could be disastrous as the possibility of passengers missing their trains is rather high.

Looking at it from a modern perspective, they are not as important as they were back in the days. The revolution brought by technology has changed a lot of things. Telling time is as easy as switching on a mobile phone and reading the time. In addition using mobile phones wrist watches today are cheap and readily available to many.

Most if not all passengers today will rely on their personal hand held devices to tell the time during the journey. It would be expected that we would therefore not have any more of the beautiful gadgets in the railway stations as one would argue that they are of no use.

Station clocks are very beautiful works of art. They are appealing to the eye and add to the overall beauty of a place. Despite them not being of much use in telling the time, their aesthetic value cannot be downplayed. Their beauty is bound to keep them around for a long time to come.

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