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How To Locate The Best Athens Greece Airport Shuttle Services

by on Jun.30, 2015, under Vacations

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Locating a taxi, train, or bus to offer you reliable services after landing at an airstrip is not easy. Consequently, people have fallen victim to dubious drivers thereby losing valuable assets and time wasting. It is advisable to take precautionary measures when selecting a means of transport. The following tips will enable you identify reliable Athens Greece airport shuttle services.

Registration of the shuttle is important: Different means of transport belong to different companies and associations. They have logos and lettering showing the companies they are associated with. Similarly, the drivers do also have tags containing names, registration numbers, and photo of identification. Therefore, ensure that you note all these features to be safe in case of any unfortunate incident.

Reliability of the cab: It is important to choose a cab that offers reliable services. For example, once you have booked a car to pick you up, the driver may be late. Similarly, after picking you up the driver may decide to make stopovers that are not within your schedule. Hence, request for the route, schedule, and time the car will take.

Consider the transportation charge: The rise in oil costs, has led to a hike in transport charges and other vital services in the world. Therefore, expect to pay more for transport services in a reputable city like Athens. However, the charges need to reflect the market rates in the transport industry. Therefore, ensure that you request for the fare chart before boarding to confirm the cost to your destination.

Transport fee should be negotiable: Cab drivers are known to shrewd when it comes to negotiating transport fee. Hence, they normally give discount for long distant clients compared to the short distant ones. Nevertheless, no matter the distance, a reasonable driver should be able to offer you a discount. This will create good customer relations for future service opportunities.

Check the means of payment: There are various means of payment for services provided. There is credit card, debit card, mobile money transfer and many more. Equally, for security reasons many c commuters avoid cash payments. Hence, a reliable means of transport should provide for different venues of payments in case you are not able to meet one.

The condition of the shuttle is key: A means of transport that is in excellent condition attracts a large number of passengers. Thus, ensure that the car, bus, train or any other means you choose is in perfect condition. Confirm whether the tires are in good condition, the seat belts are intact, whether the car has undergone maintenance of late and many more.

Hospitality is vital: Good shuttle services involve good customer care relations. Therefore, from the word go the driver should exhibit good customer service. For instance, opening the cab door, usage of language that is not abusive and avoiding sexual explicit discussions. Similarly, the driver should maintain good hygiene at all time. This will make you feel at ease during the travel.

Consider the convenience of the means: A good means of transport should be convenient to you. For example, you should be able to do your booking at any time, picked at any convenient location, follow routes, and schedules that are convenient to you. Hence, you will be assured of services that are tailored to your needs.

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