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Home Security Suggestions for Vacationers

by on Jan.23, 2013, under Vacations

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Do you avoid taking vacations each year out of fear? You may not like to take vacations because you do not want to leave your home unattended for fear of a break-in while you are gone. It is a fact that some criminals prefer to break into unoccupied homes. But that should not keep you from enjoying a vacation with friends and family. The solution is to increase the security at your home.

Hiring a house sitter is a great idea when you are going on vacation. Because burglars are on the lookout for houses that are empty, hiring a house sitter will keep your house from being as tempting to a criminal because someone will actually be living in it. Encourage your house sitter to continue on with her life as usual-coming and going to work and school.

If you do not hire a house sitter, you have other options as well. The main goal is to make your house look like someone is living there, and there are strategic ways of doing this. For one thing, you can ask a neighbor to take care of your yard while you are away. And if they will also take your trash to the road on trash day and retrieve your mail, that will be a big help as well.

Light timers are another way to make your house look as though someone is there. You can set these timers to automatically turn your lights on and off according to a preset schedule that you determine. Leaving a television or radio playing while you are not at home is also effective. The voices coming from inside your home from the radio and television may trick a burglar into thinking that someone is in your house.

One of the best ways to deter home invasions however is by installing a home security system. Crooks have admitted that they would not break into a home that has a home alarm system! If you install one, be sure to get signs for your yard that let visitors know that you have a system in your home.

You will be further protected if you contract with a monitoring service to watch over your home via your home security system. This is like having extra people to help you keep an eye on your house. If the alarm is tripped, the monitoring company will know and can call the police.

About the Author: Mark Mahaffey is a home security Coronado professional. Contact Best Security Products to learn more about wireless security Oceanside.

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