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Helpful Questions To Ask Your Cebu Travel Agency

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Cebu, the Queen City of the South, is located 60 minutes away from Manila, the country’s capital. One of the tourist hubs in the South, Cebu is the ideal place if you are traveling with family. If you want to make the best out of your stay in Cebu, ask the right questions from your Cebu travel agency.

When Is The Best Time To Travel?

There are peak seasons and then there are off peak seasons. For instance, cruises around the region will be more typical during the summer months. On the other hand, one of the biggest, most awaited festivals of Cebu, Sinulog, will draw tourists by the thousands. However, you’d want to remember that the most “ideal” time for you to travel to Cebu may not necessarily mean peak season. It is possible to have the vacation of your dreams without having to spend more on peak-season travel.

What Are The Options For Accommodation?

Keep in mind that affordability does not automatically dictate quality. For instance, even if you find a ridiculously cheap place, how do you know it isn’t filled with bugs and a horrible stench? Thus, you’re goal should be to get the best value for your money.

Generally, ideal accommodation in Cebu will include transportation to and from the airport. It should have the basic necessities, depending on what you do and don’t need. In addition, you need to ask your travel agent if the hotel is near places where you want to visit. On the other hand, you can tell your agent where you want to go and then ask what hotels are nearby.

What Special Offers Are Available?

Ask travel agents if they can offer you perks that are not offered to the masses or posted online. Car rental agencies, hotels and tour establishments usually provide great deals like express check-in, upgrades and discounted parking only to agents who have a higher position or have negotiated with them.

You should take note that there are some dive shops in the region that act as travel agencies if their clients want to go diving outside of Cebu. These shops will be able to organize the accommodation and transportation for you and will even be able to send someone to go diving or go to adventure excursions with you at your preferred site.

What If Something Wrong Happens?

No matter how much you prepare, canceled flights or bad weather are some things that are just inevitable when you travel. Ask your agent how he or she will respond to such issues and what policies are in place. How will you reach the agent for emergency assistance? How will they reply back and within what hours?

What Are The Travel Requirements?

As a tourist, you are responsible for getting and handling all health, entry and exit, and other papers called for by law or demands in the countries you’re flying to, from and over. You should be able to show a valid passport upon check-in, applicable valid visas, a hard copy of a verified return or an onward journey ticket, and adequate financial means.

What Are The Fees?

Your agent should lay out all applicable fees on the table. Ask about fees for every service provided, including flat rates, flight fees, commission fees, and so on. Expect to repay agents for their time, organizing efforts, recommendations and overall work. Still, it’s always better to know about all the deposits and charges up front so you don’t get shocked by a large amount.

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