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Heal Your Relationship Problems With Reiki Healing

by on Apr.10, 2011, under Travel

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We all have many different things that we need to work on throughout our entire lives, but many people do not even realize that we can tap into the power of complementary or alternative therapies to help enhance these areas.

Now that being said, let me explain to you how we can tap into the power of one of these modalities called Reiki healing.

Not only am I going to explain a little about Reiki healing, but also how you can incorporate this for your relationship issues in your life.

First we have to understand how you have these relationship issues in your life and how they relate to all of the areas on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level connections.

Next, you have to work on releasing and purging an underlying cause of this issue in your life so that your energy will be healed successfully and thoroughly, and will be more vibrant and fluid.

Working with this type of work is actually a very fun and simple process to do, so let’s not over complicate things.

The very first step you need to work with is being attuned to an energy form called Reiki healing. Thousands of different modalities exist in the world stay, so make sure to find one that resonates within you.

Now with all of the different forms that are available today, it can be a bit overwhelming, which went to pick. So for the beginners out there, start with one called Usui Reiki, as this is the original format of Reiki healing as well is a general basis to get you started.

Now the next biggest step is where you learn this type of Reiki energy healing? You can learn this from a Reiki master by either an in person session or even through a remote session.

Once you have them properly attuned, or trained, you can then start working on self-healing for your relationship issues in your life.

Self-healing is something that you can work on throughout every day, even if you have multiple issues that need to be healed, so that your energetic fields will become used to the new energy and healing process.

When you begin your self-healing process, you have to make the connection through your crown chakra establish to the energetic universal source before you begin. Make sure to activate your Reiki as well is establish this connection for a successful healing session.

Do not deplete your own energetic or vibrational frequency levels because you forgot to establish this connection. This is something that needs to be established for your own self-healing session.

For focusing on healing the issues in your life, especially those relationship issues, it is important to work on those areas we discussed before. Make sure to connect to self-healing sessions and work on healing the spiritual issues, mental problems, emotional concerns, and even the physical problems that you see.

Work on all of these issues together for a successful healing session to get started.

Many people work on healing only one aspect and not tackling everything as a whole, and this is where the downfall lies.

Now once you’re done working on healing all of these issues, it is now time to work on releasing and purging that key trigger point that we discussed earlier this article.

You may probably be thinking how my can I find the key trigger point the relationship issues that I’m suffering from? Many people do not understand how to find something like this in their life.

I know it can sound scary for many people when they want to let go of these issues and really don’t understand how, but it is actually a very easy process that I can walk you through, whether it’s for relationship issues or any other issues in your life.

After you’ve done this it is then about understanding what the negative issues are that caused the most pain, conflict, and problems in life. These are the root causes and underlying triggers that need to be healed.

You also have to work on releasing and purging these issues in your life. It is important to remember when to release and purge things, but this leaves a void which that has to be healed again.

After you’ve release and purge these items, make sure to send self-healing, pulling through your own crown chakra on a universal source, to fill these areas that they are healed completely once again.

Working on the relationship problems in your life this complementary and alternative therapy is something easy that can be done, but you have to work the steps to have a complete and successful session.

If you skip any steps, or if you forget one simple area, this can cause the issues to not be completely healed at all.

These are some fun and easy things that you can do to increase and improve the things that you’re working on your life from complementary and alternative standpoint.

Nicole Lanning, bestselling author and founder of Healing Art Forms, has a passion for helping others with her psychic intuitive abilities with Reiki healing techniques. Check out her services in Reiki healing modalities today!

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