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Haida Gwaii Adventure Tours And Travel Open Up A Magical Canadian Wonderland

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For a magical adventure of a vacation, you might not have considered Haida Gwaii adventure tours and travel before. Haida Gwaii is the First Nation name for an archipelago of islands which used to be called the Queen Charlotte Islands, and means in English the ‘Islands of the People’. Lying off Canada’s Pacific coast, the islands are a welcoming wonderland for adventurers and artists.

The islands of Haida Gwaii are certainly located in a remote part of the world, but they are also only a two-hour flight from the Canadian city of Vancouver. Although the islands seem to be well away from the pressures of the modern world, there are plenty of people living there. The Haida First Nation have dwelt in the islands for countless generations, and visitors can explore their culture, along with their art, at special sites on the island, some of which are award-winning.

As well as the local culture and people though, there is also plenty to do in the way of adventurous activities. For starters, the islands are the only place in British Columbia where visitors can enjoy surfing. There is a host of other water related activities to enjoy too, such as kayaking, canoeing and fishing, as well as swimming.

There are many campsites across the islands, for those visitors who enjoy staying in the open air. Quite a high degree of woodlands expertise is expected at many sites though, which anticipate a degree of self-contained sufficiency by campers who use the more remote facilities. Camping out is one of the best ways to fully explore the great hiking trails that the islands also offer, though some routes can be quite testing.

You do not need to be a serious hiker to enjoy a walk through the woodlands though, and many visitors of an artistic bent enjoy simply contemplating the stillness and awe of the woodlands. There is an art route which can be followed around the archipelago. Many Haida artists find much of their inspiration from the wilderness, both maritime and land-based.

One of the islands’ main attractions is, of course, the wildlife which is so abundant. The islands are in the migration routes of many bird species, with the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary one of the best viewing facilities available. The sanctuary is visited by 140 or so species each year, including Peregrine Falcon and Red Tailed Hawk among them.

There is plenty to keep anglers busy here too, with a huge range of fishing boats available for hire and charter from various places on the islands. While salmon and halibut are what most anglers go in search of here, but crabbing is also popular. It is also relatively easy, with almost anyone able to bait a trap and be successful, so plentiful are the crabs here.

Haida Gwaii adventure tours and travel open up some great possibilities for anyone who loves going somewhere off the beaten track. Whether you want to contemplate nature’s beauty or get stuck into some thrilling activities, these islands offer superb facilities. Immersing yourself in nature is easy here.

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