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Great Accessibility Of SeaTac Airport Parking

by on May.14, 2013, under Vacations

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Driving and getting a place to park around airports is a pain at the best of times, and when you are trying to catch a plane, it can be a nightmare. There is plenty of space at Seattle’s SeaTac airport parking, trying to figure out where to park is difficult and you may have a group of things to think about. How long are you going to be staying, how much is it going to cost you and can you plug in your car?

The main park space at the SeaTac Airports is the official space attached to the main terminal. This is an above ground, covered building, which can take up to 9000 cars. It has many floors and the fourth floor is the best to park on as it connects fastest to the important parts of the terminal. But the problem with this park area is, it is expensive. $35 for a days service and week can cost $135.

If you require a recurring monthly rate as you work at the airports, you can park in the airports general parking for $350 per month. Over height, the service is available for vehicles higher than 6 feet 10 inches high, but you cannot enter through the regular entrance. You need to enter the free area via South 182nd Street instead.

There are twelve spaces only on level G provided for electric car plug-ins. This is not nearly enough in our modern world, but better than we have found in some airports which have exactly none! Accessibility car parks are handled much better and they will even make sure there is some available if you call beforehand to check, even if you are flying out very early.

People who need to park long term, have a good many other options available to them. The outlying car park services are excellent. Some take your keys, while others let you park your car, and also let you keep your keys. We prefer the latter, as then we know no one has been in our car. There is always a worry at the back of our mind that someone is out joyriding in our car, even though we know that this is not so.

The wonderful part about these services is, they drop you off right at the terminal at your section, and when you arrive home, they have a shuttle right there to pick you up and drop you back at your car. This is a great time saver, no having to negotiate the twists and turns for the taxis trying to drop off and pickup passengers. Let someone else do that kind of driving.

Some of the services allow you to collect air miles when you spend money at them. This is always a nice touch. Seeing, as you have to use some type of car park service, it makes sense to use one that will earn you something in return. Check with the car park service you are thinking of using to see if they offer this service.

Seattle’s SeaTac airport parking is in many respects like other air ports; busy, chaotic and hopelessly expensive. But with a little bit of luck and a great big smile the automobile park companies and the air port staff will help to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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