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Good old days and development of the meager town Hoquiam Castle

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The Pacific Northwest has a rich history, full of stories about Native Americans, early settlers, the Industrial Revolution and modern life. These stories come to life through various museums and displays in Hoquiam, a small town in western Washington State. Each of these historic sites provides a window into the past.

The cornerstone of this town’s history is the Polson Museum. Situated in the Polson family’s mansion on two acres of land, the museum includes gardens, a hillside trail, and various buildings. The museum has carefully collected several thousand artifacts from local history and materials for research. The mansion itself was built in 1924 and has 26 rooms, including 6 bathrooms. The building has been a museum since 1976 when the Widow Polson donated the property to the town.

The refuge is important because it is what is called a staging area for migrating shorebirds. Birds traveling between the Arctic and their southern habitats stop at the mudflats to feed and rest before continuing their journey. Some of the birds have traveled to Washington from as far away as Argentina. For many birdwatchers, the refuge offers a chance to see very exotic birds.

The best time to visit the wildlife refuge is during this migration. In the spring, usually the last week of April, the birds are headed north to the Arctic. At this time, hundreds of thousands of migrating birds stop at the estuary to rest. During the spring and fall migrations, approximately one million birds rest at Grays Harbor. Over three hundred different bird species have been spotted at the refuge.

The spring is the best viewing season as visitors can see sandpipers, falcons, dowitchers, dunlin, and red knots, as well as many other birds. In winter, birds spotted include geese, ducks, and hawks. The best viewing times at the wildlife refuge is from two hours before to two hours after high tide.

In fact, the bird watching is so awe inspiring at Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge that the town of Hoquiam has established the annual Shorebird Festival. During this fair, visitors can attend lectures and receptions, shop at a bird related market, and participate in an auction. Several field trips around the area take place during the week to educate people about shorebirds and their habitat. The Shorebird Festival takes place during the spring migration and is a great time to share with others with similar interests. Bird lists are available to help visitors spot and identify various species.

At that point, the home was abandoned. Finally, in the late 1960’s new owners took possession of the Castle and began restorations. Throughout the rest of the century, the Castle went through a series of owners and restorations. Finally, the home was turned into a bed and breakfast. Visitors can still stay at the Castle, enjoying the comforts of a time long past.

Washington State is rich in natural beauty. Everyone from a casual observer to the hardiest nature lover can find something to enjoy. The shorebird migration is the high point of the year for the outdoorsman in Hoquiam, and the sight of hundreds of thousands of birds should not be missed.

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