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Global Resorts Network Provides Multiple Opportunities

by on Jul.12, 2012, under Vacations

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Suppose you could take a vacation and save a great deal of money. Also, suppose that you could make money by telling people about your amazing vacation. This is the basic principle behind Global Resorts Network or GRN. Here is additional information.

GRN is a travel club that allows people to stay in luxury time share resorts at a huge discount. When you pay the membership fee you have two options. You can purchase a three year membership or a platinum unlimited access lifetime membership. This is a one time charge and you do not have to pay annual dues or maintenance fees.

GRN members enjoy travel with no black out dates. You may visit luxury resorts in all parts of the world during any season. There is no need to wait for certain times of year to travel. If you wish to go during the peak of the tourist season, there is no problem. Normal time share programs only allow for one week or so per year. GRN memberships come with unlimited vacation options. Have fun all through the year if you like, and save money when you travel.

Besides enjoying luxury vacations, you also have the chance to make money with GRN. However, you do not have to if you are not interested. You will enjoy your membership and travel and there is never pressure to sell anything. If you wish to make money, you have the chance to make substantial earnings when you apply yourself. If you decide to earn income you will have help from others, as well as a generous payment plan.

The Global Resorts Network has a three part plan for compensation. You have the benefit of earning direct commissions. This is the first kind of income that you are eligible to earn. When you sell a platinum or lifetime membership, you receive a two thousand dollar commission.

Override commission payments are also a part of the GRN payment plan. If you sponsor someone and they sell a platinum membership they receive $2,000 and so do you. This provides a lot of incentive for members to provide the best possible training to their people. It is also the reason that your sponsor will be motivated to train you well.

Perpetual leverage is part of the GRN marketing plan that separates it from normal network or multilevel marketing plans. When someone has an organization built, one person from their initial level is passed up to their sponsor. This is the first person on that level who makes a qualified sale. This allows you to earn additional residual income.

Today, many people are desperately searching the internet for ways to make money. However, not all plans are effective and reputable. Global Resorts Network has been around for more than 20 years. They offer luxury travel at huge discounts to their members. GRN also offers a way to make money with commissions and perpetual leverage. This is an excellent opportunity for those that enjoy travel, and wish to have the chance to make some extra money.

Find a summary of the reasons why you should join the Global Resorts Network and more information about cheap luxury resorts, right now.. Also published at Global Resorts Network Provides Multiple Opportunities.

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