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Multinational Businesses Moving Into Panama

by on Sep.07, 2010, under Travel

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The Panamanian economy has been expanding exponentially in recent years: and the government has reported rates of approximately 8.5 per cent growth per annum. With such strong economic expansion going on, it is no accident that there are more and more multinational and transnational companies that are shifting there and opening up offices in Panama and trade in the country.

One of the reasons that companies are attracted to the country is that the banking system there is reliable and has not been subject to the closures and collapses that have been seen in many countries over the past couple of years. The stability that has been established there helps to give confidence to investors.

Another reason that many companies are also coming to the country is that the canal is being expanded and the vast amount of resources and personnel that are required to make that happen and continue on schedule means that there are huge business opportunities for many global companies. In fact, the current expansions are larger than the original canal project back in the early twentieth century.

For big trading companies it is important to realize that the country has the world’s largest merchant navy and fleet and they are likely to be getting even bigger in the near future with the expansion of the canal. In addition to this, the country is the second largest free trade area behind Hong Kong. In the Americas it easily takes the region’s crown.

A further point to take into account when looking at why investment in the country is booming is that behind Hong Kong it is the largest free trade zone in the world. It also has the largest merchant navy and fleet internationally. There are also plans afoot to build five international airports in the country to facilitate the current demand and all for more flights to land and take off all the time.

Aside from the structure and benefits that the national government is putting into place, there are geographical benefits to placing business headquarters in the country. It bridges north and south America, which means that businesses that are operational in both regions will have better access to their businesses on the ground and be able to monitor the operations of their businesses more closely and reduce costs. The country is not an earthquake prone zone and nor does it tend to suffer hurricanes or other natural disasters that are prevalent in South America or the Caribbean.

Many companies are just starting to realize the opportunities that are available in the country and make moves to have their businesses take advantage of it. There will be more companies of just about every description coming to the country in the next few years thanks to the proactive policies of the government there.

The Panama national government has begun to be proactive about encouraging businesses to come to the country and base their operations there or make investments. By making the business environment more amenable to the needs of big business, they have managed to secure strong economic growth that is the envy of many governments around the world. It is likely that this trend is going to continue for a long time to come and there will be more and more companies coming to Panama.

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