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Get Cheap Car Hire With A Driver San Luis

by on Sep.30, 2014, under Vacations

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The excitement you feel when you know you have an upcoming trip abroad is incomparable especially if it is your first time in that destination. At the same time however it can be nerve wrecking knowing you are going to a new place you have no idea about. It is important to avoid stressful circumstances so that you fully enjoying the travel experience. One such circumstance is learning how to avoid bad car hire with a driver San Luis services.

When you learn the amount of money you have spent on a rental when you could have spent half the amount it is enough to ruin an otherwise great trip. Here are a few tips to make your vacation fun by getting the good deals out there.

You get a cheaper offer when you do not take the cover most hiring services offer on your rental. Most people do not know that they are covered even when they travel out of the country. Simply confirm with your insurance providers the charges and how to go about it when you are in a new country. Save money by avoiding extra coverage charges.

Most rental companies these days offer you the option of having the GPS system activated for you. When you first land and are feeling confused by being in a new region this may seem a good idea but it will really cost you. Unless you are taking a road trip in an area without road sign, chances are you can easily find your way around using your cellular internet service.

When booking your car choose to have you pick it up at a convenient location away from the airport such as your hotel. You incur extra charges when you are picked from the airport due to parking fees and other charges. When you arrive you will be tired and most likely head straight to the hotel. Simply get a cab or public transport to your hotel then pick the car the following day. You save on a day of charges as well.

Fuel is another cost and you would want to minimize on this. First choose to fuel yourself as opposed to having the company fuel for you. When booking, check the option fuel upon return and stay away from prepaid fuel. You will pay much more almost double if the company fuels it when you return it and also unless you know you will finish the tank do not take prepaid fuel.

When you choose to fuel the car on your own, take care where you fuel. Filling it up at crucial spots such as outside the airport, in the central business district you may end up paying more. You can ask for advice from your hotel attendant on the cheaper gas station around.

You will definitely enjoy your trip better when you choose to do things early booking your car being among them. When it comes to picking rentals the early bird gets the cheapest car. Do not ignore this little factor and get your rental quite early. Do not miss to book simply because you might cancel your trip. Some companies charge for cancelling a booking but this is better than the exorbitant price you will pay for booking the last minute.

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