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Asia For Gay Tour Destinations

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Vacations

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Taking a vacation can be exciting, especially if it is overseas to Asia, however taking gay travel to Asia with your partner can be even better. In this article, we are going to explore exactly what makes taking a vacation to Asia fun and just what you and your partner will be able to do. A vacation like this can open up doors that you never imagined would be open.

A trip to Asia is not complete without checkout out Japan, of course. There are a wealth of places to see there, and Mt. Fuji should come at the top of the list. Hop onto the infamous Bullet Train and enjoy not just the mountain, but also the gorgeous landscape surrounding Lake Ashi, not to mention all the sloping volcanoes. You can even go on a sightseeing cruise, which will make sure you do not miss a single thing!

Another thing that you will notice about Tokyo is that tours are huge. There are many different tours to choose from however, the best one is going to be the Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour. This tour hits all of the best spots and is one of those tours that you do not want to miss. They take you to everything from the Nikko National Park all the way to the Asakusa Temple. All of which are very popular sights.

While you certainly could be spending the entire vacation in Japan, seeing everything that there is to see, there is a lot of Asia to see. However — you want to make sure that you hit all of the major points when you are in Japan and some of those include the Kinkakuji Temple as well as the Nijo Castle. These are two essential things and they are certainly a sight to see.

Singapore is another popular destination, for example. A favorite is the Zoo Night Safari Tour, which will allow you to travel through the beautiful foothills of the awe inspiring Himalayas during the night. It is the best way to see all those night owl nocturnal animals right in their natural habitats. But if you prefer daytime activities, you can always go to the Singapore Zoo in the morning and enjoy breakfast surrounded by orangutans!

After you are done with Singapore, you want to make sure that Hong Kong is going to be your next stop. This place is absolutely incredible and if you are looking to go on a tour there, you want to make sure that you take a Harbor Night Cruise. You also want to make sure that you go to the Revolving 66 Restaurant, which actually revolves around and go on the Giant Buddha Day Trip. All of these are absolutely incredible sights.

Finally, make sure that you take a trip on over to Thailand and get your feet wet in Bangkok. China is also a great place for you to visit. Asia is filled with a ton of peoples to go and they are all just a train ride away.

Gay vacations to Asia open up entire worlds of opportunity. You can explore rich cultures, new ideas, and ancient philosophies. You can explore beautiful, ancient sites, taste delicious food, and learn a wealth of new languages, all while taking pride in yourself and who you are!

Gay trips to Asia help written by Howie Holben. He is the dreamer behind Spirit Journeys, a gay tours organization. Spirit Journeys provides gay vacations all over the world.

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