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For Recreational Horseback Riding Long Island Offers Beautiful Trails

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There are high sand dunes and beyond them ocean beaches that are outstandingly beautiful. Equestrian access to these gorgeous shores are limited during the summer season. When searching for the ones available for horseback riding long island is the place to find them.

The senses are filled to overflowing on these beaches. The eyes take in the spectacular visual scenes. The ears fill riders with relaxing sounds. Salt water scents are wafted through the air as the horses walk on the sand or through the gentle waves washing over it.

One happy little girl leans forward and pats her horse on the neck with her free hand. She is rewarded with a soft whinney from the pleasant animal. Both are enjoying the ride and their wonderful surroundings. They join nature as they move forward.

The one hour trail rides are enjoyed by couples and families with children. Each livery stable has its own age and experience requirements. Everyone wears a helmet for safety reasons.

Aside from the beach trails, nine miles of bridle paths wind through Hempstead Lake State Park. Trail guides are professionally trained to lead groups of riders over these trails. Riders can spot rabbits and turtles who live in the protected environment of the park. The guide can point out an eagles soaring overhead as they ride.

During the summer vacation from school, children can attend a week or two of horseback riding camp at one of the stables. The lessons include how to care for a horse. The child washes, brushes and feeds and waters the horses. He learns about the tack used for riding and sometimes can bridle or saddle the horse before taking a ride.

They learn about trimming the hooves and shoeing the horses. They are told what the horses eat, how often they are watered and if they are let out to pasture every night in good weather. They are taught to ride in an outdoor enclosed ring.

They anticipate riding lessons the most. It means they will soon go out on the trails. Summer camps are attended by girl and boy scout troops. They and all children enjoy their days of being around these beautiful horses and learning to ride.

There are five lakes in the area. Equestrian trails take you over rolling hills and alongside a manicured country-club golf course. It is especially lovely in the autumn when leaves are changing and the air is crisp.

There are many livery stables on Long Island that offer riding opportunities. For a birdwatcher, there are yellow-bellied sapsuckers and scarlet tanagers flying among the trees. Small animals scurry through the brush alongside the trails.

Riders of all ages take part in these trail rides. The horses are all well behaved and walk in a single file over the narrow trails. If a groups is composed of all experienced riders, they may be allowed to trot on the wider paths. Safe riding is always the first consideration.

This is a marvelous recreational activity. It is pleasurable for children and entire families. Connections are formed to these magnificent animals and the beauty of nature as they ride. There will always be a livery stable located wherever the family vacations. It can be a regular weekend pastime for the family too.

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