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Fly Clear of Airport Security with Clear Me

by on Jun.13, 2012, under Vacations

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After September 11th, 2001 fears of more attacks swept the nation and the world. As a counterbalance to the ingrained fears of that day we as a nation decided to enhance our security systems and procedures at airports to protect ourselves from foreign and domestic threats. After however years of oppressive and militant style security Steven Brill devised what is known as CLEARcard back in 2005. Essentially it had been designed to fly clear of all the massive security in exchange for a yearly fee.

As inventive and creative of an idea it was Clear Me went bankrupt in 2009. The idea had failed and was poised to never return; until now. An individual by the name of Caryn Seidman-Becker along with her business partner Ken Cornick recently purchased 40% of the company and brought together a number of investors to pick up the other 60%.

Behind the concept of Clear Me is simply ingenious thinking. Only a $199 yearly fee will give you the right to hop to the front of the line at airport security checkpoints. There are some who will continuously debate the true value of such a service but according to the 200,000 customers before the failure of the first launch it was definitely worth the price.

It works as easily and simply as the idea itself but you must follow their rules in order to qualify. This includes submitting to biometric requirements such as an iris scan and fingerprint. You’ll also have to give up copies of government issued IDS and make it passed a Lexus Nexus background investigation. For following their rules though you’ll have the pleasure of passing through the CLEAR lane with your Clear Me ID card at participating airports. To learn more about it for yourself you can click here.

Looking past the failures of Clear Me’s first attempts at success Caryn Becker and Ken Cornick along with a slew of unnamed investors believe there is more room for growth in the industry. Although you still must be hassled by the TSA and the naked scanners the time saved for some is infinitely invaluable.

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