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Find Cheap Return Flights

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Returnees from sabbatical or extended family matters due to illness or returning students may need cheap return flights. They are possible to find with some clues that many use whose business or personal preference involves airline travel. Having set departure and return dates can be the first step in getting a discount if there is certainty about when to return. If not there are a few options that can be considered.

Fly one way and pay more than round trip.

If departure and return dates are firm the best saving is with a round trip ticket. When advance and excursion options are added the rates can be even lower. However if a return date is uncertain then the need will be to find the least expensive way to return home.

They tell me standby is an option.

An employee of an airline, relative or other specified individual can fly standby. It will require waiting for a seat at the airport but the cost is less and eventually a seat will become available. After the start of the terror attacks and trouble on board commercial flights it became necessary to make some modifications to standby. In most cases a full fare will be required and used for early boarding or late boarding on the same day of travel. Many airlines require upgrade to full fare if an advance or excursion ticket is used.

Round trip tickets instead of one way for cheap return flights.

Round trip costs less than one way and in many cases you cannot use the return portion of the ticket. Still you received a discount and notification of the airline will simply result in a cancellation of the return ticket and the seat sold to someone else. This can happen and there was no intent to fly for free the ticket was paid for.

When the cancellation is made after arrival the money lost will not be refunded. Consequentially the matter is concluded because they cannot force anyone to fly that decides they would rather travel using another method.

For most travel plans a ticket consolidator can help.

Consolidators represent many of the major airlines and buy blocks of available seats at discounted rates. Because of these purchases they have clout with pricing that they are able to pass on to their customers. By setting up an account at one of their websites prices can be viewed and compared. Flights booked with credit card information. An electronic confirmation is made available. Consolidators while being able to save on flights generally offer budget seating and tend to fly to major cities. They can offer better rates for international travel and cheap return flights. The travel is through major airlines not charter companies or on standby.

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