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Erase Severe Pain In Your Life Today With Holistic Health Healing

by on Apr.10, 2011, under Travel

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There are many issues out in the world today that cause chronic or severe pain problems for people. I have come across a variety of holistic health tips and techniques to help eliminate some of these problems in your life.

1. My channeled energy form called Pain Management Empowerment works on your energy fields to help eliminate the pain sources and calm down the issues so that you can move forward with these areas in your life.

2. Crystal therapy is something fun that everyone can do with a bit of knowledge and access to some basic crystals at a rock and/or gem store. For this you can work on severe pain, chronic issues, and even the fatigue that drains on your energy from these problems.

3. Get a general basic holistic healing session done at least once a week. Have this done by another practitioner. There are tons of people who offer free general healings out there, but make sure to check their background out in their work before asking for a healing to make sure you are getting quality service. Some practitioners even offer lifetime healings.

4. Cut out the caffeine and drink more water! I know it sounds silly, but you wouldn’t believe the difference it really does make.

5. Find a natural supplement that works for you! I am not suggesting any particular one as there are so many out there and everyone has their own needs for their own ailments, but find one that works for you and your own personal issues.

With issues such as Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, and many others, the pain and fatigue can be almost unbearable at times. You can harness the power of these alternative ways to help your life though.

So remember to not be at the mercy of your dis-ease, as this is just your body saying that it is not at ease right then! Hang in there, try some of the above mentioned, and remember I am here to help anyone who may need questions answered or help, as I have been there and know what it is like!

Through her unique abilities, Nicole Lanning helps with a variety of modalities such as energy, spiritual, & holistic health training. She is the founder of Holistic Healing Minute that works with holistic health training.

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