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Enjoy The Day With Monterey Bay Sailing

by on May.14, 2013, under Vacations

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There is nothing better than a day on the bay, especially with the option of Monterey Bay sailing. Sailing is an affordable sport that is fun, accessible, and safe. People of all ages and abilities love this sport. There are many ways to get started to develop confidence, experience, and skills.

One way is through a sail club. They can be found on rivers, inland lakes, and coastal areas throughout the country. Boat ownership is not required to participate, some clubs will provide a boat or people who are looking for crew. Membership is not necessary to participate in the programs offered by the clubs.

There is more than one type of sailing to enjoy from social to racing. For those who are not interested in competition, social sailing is just for fun. Another style of social sailing is cruising, this style involves having a destination. For those who like competition, racing is an option. It ranges from introductory, also known as social, to more serious regattas. One of the most popular is ocean racing.

It is important to dress appropriately, layers are best. Non-slip shoes with closed toes are a requirement. Shorts and a t-shirt or whatever is most comfortable will work. It’s a good idea to carry a raincoat and if in a dinghy a wet suit. Keep long hair in a ponytail and limit the amount of jewelry. Leave valuables at home, they can get damaged or lost – especially cell phones and other electronic devices.

Racing can be fun after some basic skills are developed. This is the competitive side of the sport that involves charting a specific course and competing against others. The size of the race is determined by the event of the regatta and the club one is involved with. The fleet, or the boats in the race, participate at different levels either nationally or internationally. One can compete in a dinghy or a keelboat.

Keelboat racing is a less competitive style that is known a Twilight racing. It takes place on weeknights or weekends during the summer. They last about an hour and afterwards the sailors get together at the club to socialize over a dinner or a barbecue. One can participate as a crew member if they don’t have a boat.

Dinghies offer people who are new to racing a chance to race with others who are also new to the sport. This gives people a chance to develop their skills and learn the basics of racing. The rules are not as strict and the emphasis is on having fun more than on winning.

Doing a little research will help one to decide which style of boat is best for them. From a dinghy to a yacht, one can select the best fit for their budget. The main sailboat categories are keelboats, powerboats, and dinghies. Regardless of the type of craft one chooses, being out on the sea is wonderfully relaxing, Monterey Bay sailing cannot be beat.

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