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Engineers Thinking Of The New Executive Van

by on Jun.05, 2013, under Vacations

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Engineers and enterprising executives have long dreamed of designing and building a vehicle intended to haul around the rich business class of America. What they want is to design an executive van, finding the right place and time to launch it. For years, people have considered going to these vehicles, but have run into a myriad of problems with making it.

Aside from the US, in China they consider the multiple passenger vehicles to be the ultimate status symbol commuting in the crowded streets. The MPV transport around the high powered executives in the equivalent of the minivan in the United States. These minivans move around the business class and government officials in posh interiors, and nice creature comforts inside.

In the United States, the MPV is our trusted minivans that are highly popular with families in the United States. Created with the ideal to transport families while creating extra storage space needed for those trips. The MPV is considered the family vehicle, transporting everyone around from the grocery store to soccer practice.

Large personal vans did once exist in the US as far back to the nineteen seventies, but today are used strictly for commercial use. The old conversion vans were used to give a personal high end touch inside, while transporting a large amount of people. As the gas crises developed, families quickly moved away from the vans into the MPV’s which were sleek, lighter, and got better gas mileage.

At this moment there is no large commercial high end transportation for the business class to high level executive. There are several reasons this has not been developed or put forth by any major automotive company. The first reason is the market is not large enough to design, build, and budget for a specialty program. On average, the automotive companies budget about four billion dollars to engineer and create a vehicle.

The next reason the van will not come back is the high end transportation market. There are nobody to cater to with a large vehicle for high end content like this on a vehicle considered for commercial use. If you board a transport or van from the airport, be sure to notice how basic stripped down the vehicle is. This is used just to move people, no inkling of pleasure in it.

To bring this mammoth to market, engineers would have to find a way to make it fuel efficient. Due to the size and girth of these vans, it’s not feasible to use this for personal reasons. Even if engineers come up with a way to make it useful around town, the weight alone would be hard on the wallet with gas prices.

Many engineers have dreamed of a way to bring a new executive van to the business class. This market would be intended to move high level government officials and rich business class executives. While a wild dream, this idea is not feasible due to the market it would in, engineering and development costs, and the horrible fuel efficiency.

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