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Emerging Like A Yellow Rose From A Storm – The Story Of Jet Air Company

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The largest and most popular airline in Mumbai India is Jet Airways. Naresh Goyal (both founder and owner) still owns eighty percent of the company, and oversees all aspects of the business. Every day, over 400 flights reach more than 70 international locations all over the world. Since the beginning of this young airline, their goal has always been to achieve the highest possible both in reputation and accomplishments. These goals were reachable only because the management team focused on their commitment to achieve them.

Due to the decline of global economic conditions in the last decade, Jet Airways along with all the other commercial airlines have had to take serious measures. Decisions to suspend flight operations to London, Brussels, Shanghai and San Francisco California were made by the company. At the time those measures were announced, there had been clear intentions to expand service destinations. All expansion ideas have been placed on indefinite hold, but they aren’t on permanent hold. It has been necessary to use the company assets differently which included canceling orders for new aircraft, leasing aircraft as well as other measures.

Naresh Goyal was re-elected to the status of chairman in June of 2011 due to a record-breaking month. His term on the Board of Governors will last until 2013. Mr. Goyal’s first term ran from 2008 until 2011; this is the second time he has served on the Board of Governors. IATA keeps the industry focused, providing guidance in the areas of safety, professionalism and economics in the form of support and supervision. The two hundred thirty members of this club make up just under 95% of the commercial air travel industry. JetLite Airlines was formed as a subsidiary of Jet Airways when the company purchased Air Sahara. Instead of expanding Jetlite, in May 2009, Jet Konnect was created. The issue at heart concerned unacceptable regulatory delays incurred from the transfer of aircraft from Jet Airways to JetLite. It was just easier to create a new airline. Jetlite and parent company had an excellent third quarter in 2010. Of the India air passenger business, the combined operations of Jet Airways enjoyed 26.9% of the market share. A good criteria for arriving at that figure is based on the number of passengers carried. In the domestic air passenger carrier market in India, this company is a leader.

Jet Airways topped the charts in the month of May 2011 because they carried two million passengers during that month. What a historic moment for Jet Airways and the Aviation Industry of India. The announcement was made in early June 2011 along with news that during the month of May the airline saw a 17% increase in both domestic and international travel.

During the month of May 2011, Jet Airways outdid themselves by carrying two million passengers that month. It was a historic moment for both the company and India’s Aviation Industry. That announcement, along with the news that in the month of May the airline saw an increase of 17% in international and domestic travel was given out in early June 2011. While still offering service to a vast majority of its original locations, because of the general economic climate, Jet Airways has had to cut back on some of its international destinations. An announcement by the company states that it plans to resume flights to some of those cities soon.

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