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Eisteddfod 2011 And Its Past History

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The wonderful and very colorful Eisteddfod 2011 is again here and it is being held in different countries around the globe. This is a festival that involves music, dancing, literature and other performances in the modern era. It all originated in Wales and way back in the 12th century.

The word ‘eisteddfod’ comes from a Welsh word meaning, “to be sitting”. The precise date of the first festival is not accurately known, but it has been confirmed from a reliable source that it started in the early 12th century.

The most recent date that anybody could confirm was the year 1451. This is the largest one that has been recorded too. Unfortunately, after the 15th century sometime, the popularity of the literature and music dwindled somewhat in Wales and the standards of the festival dropped a lot.

The National Eisteddfod of Wales is held annually and is the largest in Europe. It is the most important of all the poetry or music festivals that are held. The International version of this event is always organized in Llangollen, during July every year. Here you will witness folk dancers, choirs and group performances from all over the globe, and they share their own traditions with one another at this, the biggest of all the International gatherings of art.

During 2011, an event called the Welsh Festival of Arts is held in Los Angeles. It’s organized yearly and has all kinds of different events, such as book readings, a film festival, an outdoor market and competitions. There are similar events organized throughout the United States as well.

In Australia, the Eisteddfods also found its home many years ago and it has been part of their culture for long. They use it to test competitors for various things, such as singing, dancing, musical abilities and acting.

Throughout the year, North Wales tourism is booming – whether in the summer, Talacre and its beach and lighthouse represent a great opportunity to relax and take in the sunshine.

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