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Diving Offers Some Of The Best In The Caribbean

by on Sep.04, 2012, under Vacations

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Cozumel vacations on the picturesque and archaeologically interesting Mayan Riviera are now along the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The island receives thousands of visitors each year. Its sub-tropical location at the western edge of the Caribbean Sea makes it an ideal beach destination all year long. Many of its visitors go to experience Cozumel diving.

The island is famed for its warm water, excellent visibility and easy drift diving. Water temperature is warm at 20-25 degrees Celsius all year. Many divers eschew a wetsuit. The amazing water clarity expands the underwater experience enjoyed on each dive. The gentle current flowing around the isle allows divers to float lazily a meter or so above the reefs as they drift slowly.

The island has a series of reefs fringing its entire west coast. These reefs sit on the lee side of the island in the calm waters between the island and the mainland Yucatan Peninsula. Most of them lie to the south of San Miguel, the main town on the island. Each of these reefs has its individual features and attractions.

The ten shallow water reefs include Paradise, Chancanab, Balones of Chancanab, Paso el Cedral, Santa Maria, San Francisco, Yucab, Tormentos, Shallow Palancar and Shallow Columbia. All of these spots sit in less than 70 feet of water and are suitable for snorkeling as well as scuba diving. They are frequently used to train new divers and build the confidence of novice divers.

Some of the best-liked spots include the Chancanab, Paradise and Yucab Reefs. The Chancanab Reef is particularly popular with snorkelers and new scuba divers since it sits a mere 110 meters (350 yards) offshore and can be easily reached from the beach. It is also in shallow water the maximum depth being less than 17 to 25 meters (55 to 70 feet). Several dive operators use Chancanab for training novices. Its fish life includes snapper, angel fish, clown fish and butterfly fish.

The Barracuda Wall and San Juan Mountain reefs are amongst the youngest around the island. Each of them has an exciting and unusual topography. They are challenging dives at depths of 20 to 35 meters best tackled by experienced divers. In particular, their prevailing current can reach speeds of 3 to 10 knots that runs can easily drag a diver away from the group.

Many dive packages allow people enjoying a Cozumel vacation to include scuba and snorkeling in their list of activities. Most of the dive reefs sit within the Cozumel Marine Park (or Parque Marino), established to protect the unique status of the reefs as ecological havens and popular Cozumel diving spots. The reefs generally cascade across many levels, adding to their interest for divers. All the reefs are home to a wide variety of marine life.

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