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Darwin Fishing

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Fishing in Darwin is a top class fishing experience.

The tropical north of Australia has some of the world’s best saltwater sport fishing in a wild and pristine wilderness habitat with a multitude of wildlife, bird and fish species. The pollution free, warm tropical waters and minimum commercial fishing pressure provide for very diverse and productive fishing.

Darwin is Australia’s northern capitol and today she has grown into a cosmopolitan but still unique tropical outpost populated with over one hundred thousand people. The capitol is to be found on a tiny peninsula surrounded by the vast area of Darwin harbor and manyf beautiful coastal beaches and reefs.


There are just a couple of ideal times of the year to be fishing in Darwin and the surrounding regions The “build up” is early October to the end of the year and at this time we see increasing air and watertemperatures and ever increasing humidity as we build up to the start of the rainy season This pushes the fish into a frenzy of feeding as we approach the monsoon season. The “run off” period that will usually be at the end of March, give or take a month. The monsoon season rains run off the sodden flood plains into the streams and estuaries and the barramundi and other estuary species go on a feeding hysteria in the food filled waters.

Estuary Fishing

The best time of the year to be barramundi fishing and fishing for other estuary species around Darwin and the Top End is March to May and September to December. Barramundi are normally found in the slower waters of estuaries any where around the Kimberley, Top End and North Queensland. They are going to live in both salt and freshwater and will usually be found hiding under submerged structure such as overhangs, timber and rocks. Average catches are typically around 50-70cm but monsters over 1 meter are not unusual.

The Top End coastal region is in general quite flat and consequently the estuaries that snake across these flooded plains are slow and winding. Over the wet season the streams break their banks and spread over the flood flats. As the waters recede after the wet, many pools and inland waterways are made and become full of freshwater. These are home to Barramundi, Saratoga and Threadfin Salmon.

Reef Fishing

In and around Darwin and the Top End reef fishing is best from April to November. There are countless hundreds of reefs both man-made and natural in the waters surrounding Darwin. Several ship and plane wrecks were sunk in and around Darwin Harbor by storms and WW2 air raids. These will produce good catches of the prized black jewfish as well as golden snapper, cod, trevally and coral trout just just to name a couple. There is a number of Darwin fishing charters accessing these areas.


In a word crocodiles!!

Our reptilian friends are everywhere across the north of Australia. We won’t see them but they are here watching and waiting. The bigger ones being in excess of five meters long and be quite aggressive. Yet one more very sound reason to employ a local fishing guide with the proper knowledge and gear.

Fishing Lodges

Fishing Lodges

Paul Collery is a fishing fan, and travel writer based in Australia who has fished in numerous locations around the planet. He runs a company called Sports Fishing Adventures that concentrates on all inclusive Barramundi fishing safaris and other fishing holidays to unique and remote locations around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

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