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Cruise Glacier Bay The Beauty Beyond

by on May.02, 2013, under Vacations

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To say Glacier Bay National Park covers a vast amount of land is an understatement. Cruise Glacier Bay a national treasure that covers 3.3 million acres including fjords, breathtaking mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and so much more. When you visit this national park you are presented with so much natural beauty your eyes can not behold it all.

Geographical location, Alaska’s Inside Passage. The large expanse of land is covered in unique plant and animal life. On this adventure you are presented with vast mountain ranges that give way largely to Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock. Further up the mountainside in the colder climate the Mountain Hemlock is the predominant tree species. Then along the southern shore you will find that Cedar becomes a present plant species.

As visitors view the coastline they will find that in part what they will observe is beach meadows. These include such plant life as wildflowers and various grasses. This is due in large part to the unique structure of the bay and the fact that the land is rising up from under the deep waters to expose new land.

If visitors are cruising the bay during the summer months they will certainly enjoy the large amount of humpback whales that make this their home. As they spend the summer months feeding in the bay, viewing these large mammals is at its optimum. As well a few other variety of sea mammals that allow viewers spectacular photo opportunities is Dall’s porpoises, sea lions and harbor seals. Killer Whales will also make themselves known more often than not.

Coastal Brown Bear will be seen quite often combing the beaches of the park. You will have the opportunity to witness them at their feeding grounds. Often seen swimming off the shoreline as they are fishing for the days bounty.

Glacier Bay is home to man wildlife species. One is the wolverine, although not often seen, so if given the chance to see these animals in their natural habitat, take the photo. Lynx, snowshoe hare, mountain goat, coyote and wolves are just a few of the residents that call the park. Occasionally you may be presented the opportunity to see what is known as the Glacier Bear or Blue Bear. These sightings are rare during a cruise as they will be off the shoreline in the upland forest areas.

Alaska’s inside passage which is the gateway to cruise to the park, is refuge to a large variety of birds. If you are an avid bird watcher, this is the place you want to be. The most majestic of course is the Bald Eagle. These amazing birds are found throughout Alaska and are as breathtaking as they sound. Have your camera in the on and ready position to take advantage of the display of strength and and control these amazing birds have when fishing.

Have your binoculars in hand and the camera ready as the many different varieties of birds make themselves seen. The park is home to such a variety of birds, the list is expansive. Therefore the viewing opportunities are limitless.

If given the opportunity to cruise Glacier Bay jump on it. Anyone who has taken this cruise will tell you it is worth every penny. Prepare to be truly amazed at one of the greatest beauties of parks that are protected today.

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