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Cozumel Diving A Top Class Experience To Remember

by on Oct.13, 2012, under Vacations

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Cozumel Island is a highlight along the picturesque Mayan Riviera along the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It lies about thirty minutes by car south from Cancun Airport and about 13 miles (20 kilometers) offshore from the mainland. Washed by the warm Caribbean Sea, it is a world famous beach and scuba vacation destination. Cozumel diving is a unique experience highly coveted by scuba enthusiasts all over the world.

The region features the second largest (by area) coral reef in the world. This Great Mayan Reef attracts thousands of divers each year. It was first gained prominence during the 1960s when the world renowned underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau, highlighted the region.

The Mayan Reef consists of many separate reefs, some in deep and others in shallow water. This creates many opportunities for divers and snorkelers of all ages and proficiencies. Each reef has its own special features. The Yucab, Chancanab and Paradise Reefs are among the most popular. The boat ride to Yucab and Paradise can be as thrilling as the dive; marlin and flying fish often leap from the water.

The Mayan Reef is especially famous for its fine drift diving. Divers lazily float above the reef and allow themselves to be pushed by the current. They hardly ever need to flip their fins.

The Chancanab Reef is popular with snorkelers since it lies just 350 yards offshore and hence easily accessible. It is also shallow with a maximum depth of only 70 feet. These features mean many dive operators use it for training ground. Its marine life includes clownfish, butterfly fish, snapper, angel fish, sea fans and coral heads.

One very popular dive trip format involves two dives, one before and after sundown. It provides a unique chance to compare day and night marine life on the reef. These trips usually depart the wharf at about 1500 hours.

The Yucab reef sits within the Cozumel Parque Marino situated just south from Playa San Francisco. It has several levels, allowing deeps and shallow dives. The current can get quite strong so some caution is needed. Visibility is usually excellent. Marine species include sharks, turtles, lion fish, grouper, clown fish, angel fish, sponges, sea fans, eagle rays, eels, lobsters. The Yucab is among the best of Cozumel diving.

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