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Cottage Kid’s Water Safety Education

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Without safety precautions children will be prone to accident around pools, in the pool and beaches. Children whose ages are less than four years old can even drown inside their own homes as they can drown in as low as 4 cm or 1.5 inches of water. There is no proof that shows that children, who are less than four years of age, would significantly benefit from swimming lessons. It is just too early for them to be swimming alone. Although swimming lessons will not exactly save children from drowning, at least these lessons can help improve children’s behavior around pools or beaches. An alternative for helping children, who are less than 4 years old, is to enroll them in programs that will help orient them about safety in and around pools or beaches.

No study has been made to determine, whether lessons for swimming when it comes to young children, is beneficial. There is no date to prove that early introduction is a deterrent for drowning for children below four years old. At this age, they simply cannot swim on their own and rightfully react to emergency situations. Therefore, it is not advisable to teach children below four years old how to swim. Swimming programs that teach parents about water safety and develop children confidence, are much better options than teaching the child how to swim.

Safety is always essential when bringing children near or in the water. Children should never be left alone when they are inside pools or around them. Adults should always keep an eye on them just in case something goes wrong. Adults should also be mindful that when they are supervising a child, the child should also be within adult’s reach. These precautions should not only apply in pools or beaches, but should also apply in bath tubs.

An adult should always be around when children are near or in the water. He should see to it that the infants and toddlers are within his reach. Do not allow bath rings and bath seats in the water. Previous experiences have shown that these cause injuries and accidents to children. Extra care should be taken for babies, who do not know yet how to sit unaided, by holding them. Every infant should be supervised by one adult. As for toddlers, the most is two for every one adult. Do not allow teenagers to supervise infants or toddlers unless an accompanying adult is there as well. For those infants weighing at least 9 kg (20 lbs), PFDs or life jackets should be worn at all times when near or in the water.

Pool owners should learn how to swim and know how to rescue drowning victims. Knowledge in CPR is a plus. There is no doubt about it . It is certainly time and energies well spent even if only saves one brief avoidable accident at the beach , lake , cottage or hotel pool while on summer vacation. It may seem mundane or a waste of time yet if it saves the life of your child or that of a neighbor or relative it’s a godsend. On top of that ensure that in the boat or even fishing offshore that all including the adult drivers and operators of the board wear a personal flotation device approved by the DOT for their weight, height and ages.

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