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Clearing Airport Security on Business

by on Sep.03, 2012, under Vacations

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Last week, my friend Mark went on a business trip to Dallas Texas. His company is a T.V corporation which wants to increase their reach. When he arrived at DFW airport, he walked out of the terminal and noticed a vendor selling CLEAR cards to people and explaining about clear airport security. At first, He was fascinated by how the card works and the low charging rate for activation. However, he needed to head to the hotel since he felt a little jetlagged.

He paid for a suite at Clarion Hotel during the trip. The business contributors were supposed to meet him tomorrow in Chipotle at 11 a.m., to discuss on the topic. On the day of the meeting he they first laid out the formality of getting the promotion in the city. After the discussion, they asked him how the flight to Dallas was. The only thing he didn’t like about the travel was the complications of getting aboard the plane; then they asked him if he heard anything about clearing airport security.

He replied and told them about the encounter with the vendor in the airport and what he was selling. He believed it was a fraud. Astonishing, they were members of CLEAR, which surprised him. One stated that he was a pilot and always used his card when doing long trip flights with his family and visits. Another lived in Florida and used her card when going on flights to the Caribbean.

Mark felt as though he missed out on a good deal. He came back to reality when the food had appeared to the table. After they finished eating, the members put an agreement on the idea and left their contact information on his cellphone. As they were leaving, one suggested him to golf with them next time he’s in town. When he got back to the room, he immediately called his boss about the meeting. Then, he used to mobile to look up clear airport security clear airport security.

On the morning of his journey, Mark got up at 6:30 a.m. to catch the 11:30 flight to Maryland. When he got at the terminal, he had to wait on line at the ticketing stall and on the screening. At this time, the capacity of the airport would be packed with tons of passengers which take a long time to get through. On his right, he saw a family on a CLEAR lane heading to their gate. Next time, Mark might join in CLEAR.

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