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Cheap Vacation Destinations

by on Sep.09, 2012, under Vacations

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Do you want to take a vacation but aren’t happy with spending big bucks on your trip? No need to worry – there are dozens of extraordinary affordable vacation spots on our planet. Here I’m going to share with you 3 stunning affordable destinations famous for great tourist facilities and good prices. Here they are:

1. Mexican Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya belongs to one of the most popular tourist areas geographically close to the US. It’s a wonderful place for a short trip because it’s just a short flight from most US airports. Riviera Maya is known for one of the most marvelous beaches on our planet (clear white sand, crystal-clear sea). It’s surely one of the top cheap vacation spots.

How affordable is it? It’s still a very reasonably priced tourist destination. It’s easy to get a quite nice double room for approximately 40-50 US dollars per night. In less frequently visited by tourists places it’s possible to get a nice room even for less than that. Street food or food in local restaurants is very affordable – it’s easy to find a meal for a few bucks.

2. Hawaiian islands

Hawaii isn’t famous for being a cheap place, but you can’t deny that it has appealing ratio of price and quality. The weather is pleasant during the whole year, the scenery is magnificent and visitors can choose from dozens enthralling tourist activities. What’s more, it’s a perfect destination for people who enjoy sports – Hawaii is very famous for outstanding hiking trails and splendid conditions for activities such as surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

How much do you have to pay for vacation in Hawaii? Each Hawaiian island is known for offering a wide choice of accommodation. The most budget-friendly hotels offer accommodation for more or less seventy bucks a night for a nice double room. Remember that Hawaii is very famous with tourists and numerous travel companies offer incredible package deals so you can pay even less.

3. Philippines

Philippines is a country which consists of more than 7000 islands. It’s worldwide famous for picturesque beaches. Spots like Boracay are visited mainly because of clear white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise sea. If you want to visit a very inexpensive tropical country, the Philippines are a great choice – it’s difficult to find a better place!

In most destinations in the Philippines, you can rent a nice beach hut or a double room for about twenty or thirty bucks per night. Food is also very cheap. Consequently, many tourists consider it one of the best cheap vacation spots.

Remember that if you would like to save money on your vacation, you have to rent rooms which are considered “basic”, eat like a local and avoid overpriced tourist attractions. Following these tips will help you enjoy your trip greatly, yet don’t break your bank. Create good memories and enjoy your vacation!

If you would like to get to know more cheap vacation destinations, read this article about inexpensive vacations.

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