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by on Aug.28, 2012, under Egypt

Globetrotting has never been easier to plan, with millions of holidays on offer online to compare against each other. Fancy seven nights in Geneva? Easy. Want to pick a different hotel? No problem. The benefits of choosing your ideal holiday plan from one of the largest holiday comparison websites on the planet is that not only do you get low prices, but you get to pick from some of the finest up-and-coming hotels and holiday apartments on offer.

You probably aren’t even considering a holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a look at what’s on offer. We’ve got another bank holiday coming up in August and with the weather that we’ve had do you really want to chance another wet weekend? It totally isn’t worth it, not when you could be somewhere warm and exotic, such as Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. These three Arabian gems are pretty much guaranteed summer sunshine which is more than can be said for the UK. Why count your change for a pint of milk in your local supermarket, when your bank holiday could involve you bartering for spices and silk in the souk. So swap that daily commute for a camel trek and consider heading into the Sahara.

For a long-haul option, Sin City itself has some great deals with Holiday Discount Centre. You can visit the Bright Light City of Las Vegas for less than 800 a week, including flights. Spend your nights in the glamorous casinos or partying in the extravagant casinos, this really is a destination for a holiday that you won’t forget.

Don’t just sit there and worry that the next floods could be hitting your hometown this weekend, ruining all your Olympic street party plans. Get on a plane and go somewhere special this summer – you only live once, you know!

If you’re keen to depart to sunnier shores and soon, then you should spend some time looking at the fantastic destinations available on Holiday Discount Centre. How soon you want to set off depends on how flexible you are.

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    Egypt and Dubai: Two Great Destinations For Souk Snacks

    by on Aug.20, 2012, under Egypt

    You’ll love Dubai if your used to satisfying the midnight munchies with a delicious doner kebab. The most popular takeaway option in the city is shawarma and after a few days you’ll have no problem identifying your favourite stall in the souk. Although the dish is typically made from lamb, veggies needn’t go hungry as there are plenty of places that serve meat-free versions made with falafel.

    KFC, Starbucks, TGI Fridays and McDonalds are have stores in Dubai which means that hungry holidaymakers can satisfy their homesickness and hunger in one go.

    With your hunger dealt with, take a stroll through Dubai’s food souk. You can admire and purchase a wealth of fresh produce here. Don’t leave without tasting Omani bananas, guaranteed to be the sweetest you’ve ever tasted. Watermelon is also irresistible and there are a mouthwatering range of fresh dates available. Also worth checking out is the section of the market devoted to fish, where you’ll see blue lobsters, baby sharks and massive kingfish on the slab.

    Take a look around. Do you see a surplus of stall serving up sugar cane juice and pomegranate shakes. Are the counter tops groaning under piles of roasted nuts and seeds? Can you see huge chunks of meat simmering away in oil? If so, you’re definitely in Egypt where street food is a way of life. Peppers stuffed with delicious spiced rice are sold in the souks alongside the best flatbread you’ve ever tasted. You can also find tomatoless pizzas, kofte kebabs and tooth-tinglingly sweet semolina cakes.

    There are two dishes that define the Egyptian street food experience. The equivalent of falafel, taameya is often eaten at breakfast-time, made from fava beans and accompanied by the fava bean porridge called fuul. And full is certainly how you’ll feel after this high-fibre, sustaining start to the day! If you have any appetite for lunch, seek out the poor man’s favourite snack, koshary. It’s the ultimate carb feast, made with pasta, rice, lentils and chickpeas, and is sure to leave you feeling ready for an afternoon nap.

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      How Much Did You Pay For Your Plane Ticket?

      by on Nov.13, 2011, under Egypt

      Due to the stress on price competition, consumers might select from a wide selection of air fares. Some airlines are trying a “back to basics” approach-offering flights at bargain basement prices with few extras. For fare info, you can make contact with a travel agent, yet another ticket outlet or an airline serving the locations you want to visit. Request to inform you the names of all airlines flying there.

      A travel agent can discover virtually all airlines’ fares in his or her pc. Or, if you prefer, you can call every airline to ask about the fares they charge, particularly any special promotional fares, they might be providing at the moment. You can likewise pay attention to newspaper and radio ads, where airlines advertise many of the discount plans that apply to your city.

      Lastly, be attentive to new companies serving the market. They might offer lower fares or different services than older well-known airlines. Listed here are some tips to assist you decide among air fares:

      Be flexible in your travel plans to be able to obtain the lowest fare. The very best deals might be limited to travel on certain days of the week or specific hours of the day.

      * Plan as far ahead as you can. A few airlines put aside only a few seats on each flight at the cheaper rates. The real bargains frequently sell out very quickly.

      * Some airlines may have discounts that other people do not offer. In a large metropolitan area, the fare could depend on which airport you employ.

      * Does the air fare include types of service that airlines have traditionally provided, for example meals or free baggage handling? If you have a connection concerning two airlines, will your bags be transferred? Can you get advance seat assignments? If you’re stranded, will the ticket be good on another carrier at no extra cost? Will the first airline pay for meals or hotel rooms throughout the wait?

      * Many discount fares are non-refundable; if you purchase one of these fares and afterwards cancel your trip, you will not get your money back

      * Some airlines will not increase the fare after the ticket is issued and paid for. (Merely holding a reservation without a ticket doesn’t guarantee the fare.) Some other airlines might reserve the right to collect more money from you if the fare that you simply had purchased increases before departure time.

      * Right after you purchase your ticket, call the airline or travel agent once or twice prior to departure to check the fare. Fares alter at all times, and if that same fare goes down prior to you fly, some airlines will refund the difference. But you have to ask.

      Differences in air fares could be substantial. Careful comparison shopping among airlines does take time, however it can lead to real savings.

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