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Cuba is recognized as being the largest island in this Caribbean Islands. It is further subdivided into three provinces; namely, the West Cuba, the Central Cuba, and the Eastern Cuba. This is a wonderful country to visit as it has lots of beautiful places for visitors to explore and a very rich culture to share with you. Listed below are the most popular tourist destinations in Cuba.

1.) Havana

Havana is usually Cuba’s capital city, and it is also just about the most popular tourist spots in the country as well as the world. Here, there are lots to find like the Museum of the Revolution as well as the Capital Building, and you should certainly visit the Havana Club Rum Factory as well as the Plaza de la Revolucion. It’s also wise take advantage of strolling over the Prado Street and El Malecon at night time.

2.) Baracoa

This was the first capital city of Cuba until the mid 1500s. What you will find yourself doing here most of your time will be relaxing in its pristine beaches and soaking inside sun. You should also visit El Yunque and Yumuri where you can take a relaxing stroll.

3.) Pinar del Rio

In Pinar del Rio, you should visit La Estrechura where one can view the Cuyaguateje Riv. You will also see here a whole lot of bohios, which are the characteristic houses of rural Cuba. If you require a nature walk, then you should go to the Valley of Isabel Maria where you can enjoy its magnificent sight whenever you walk.

4.) Santa Clara

Yow will discover in this city the mausoleum for Che Guevara. There are daily tours here that you can take advantage of, just don’t forget though that taking photographs is not really allowed inside the mausoleum. It’s also possible to see here a museum dedicated to Che Guevara, and it can be a must-see destination also.

5.) Santiago de Cuba

This can be a great place to visit if you ever enjoy hiking and mountaineering. Once you reach the summit with the mountain range called Los angeles Gran Piedra, you is going to be greeted by a sight so beautiful as you gaze at nature all over you. You can also dip your tired feet in the Carpintero River and have a quick rest there.

6.) Trinidad

The following place is famous for its waterfalls that could be found just near this town of Topes de Collantes. You can reach them by car or by one of many guided tours going to the area. Once you are done with your visit to this falls, you always have this salsa dancing to look forward to when you reach the town square.

7.) Cayo Largo

This can be a little island in Cuba that is fast becoming popular. It offers a lot of activities to do such as swimming and bowling as well as singing in a karaoke watering hole. This is also the only real nudist beach in Cuba.

8.) Jardines del Rey

What makes up Jardines del Rey is a group of tiny islands. These islands are Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Romano and Cayo Paredon Grande. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo will be the only developed islands in Jardines del Rey and are fast becoming favorite shore resorts.

9.) Maria la Gorda

The main tourist attraction in the following little village is it’s water activities. Here, you may go snorkeling. The village also offers some diving scuba activities where you will definately get to see beautiful sea animals.

10.) Varadero

It’s also a primary beach destination resort in Havana, Cuba. Here, you can go on catamaran trips and set off snorkeling. You can also go to the Bellamar Caves. . Venice, Paris, Seville and Prague can have a reputation for making the best romantic breaks, but as love and romance are often said to be linked to the unforeseen. How about choosing a more unconventional location for ones Valentine’s Day break this coming year? I speak of course of Cuba – the Caribbean’s largest island. From the beautiful beaches, to the idyllic architecture and cosy restaurants, the island makes a memorable retreat sure to keep the flames of passion alive – at least until you return to help rainy old England! Some sort of Valentines break, or even a honeymoon in Cuba, is something special that can stay with you for years.

So exactly why Cuba? First of all, Valentine’s Day is a problem on the island. While it’s easy to become jaded in a country where the celebration seems to be more about saccharine sweet handmade cards than about celebrating the love to your special one, Cubans make when real really special. To begin with, the buildings – public and private alike : are decked out using colourful lights, and some of the private homes have gifts attached to the walls too – inside and out! This combined with the usual local atmosphere associated with friendliness guarantees an atmosphere perfect for Valentines day holiday creators, and make the ideal setting for ‘popping the question’ should you feel so inclined. If you have just celebrated a January marriage, honeymoons in Cuba are especially romantic around Valentines Morning, and you’ll be guaranteed a friendly welcome and an enjoyable stay which will ensure you never wish to leave.

With regard to specific romantic places to visit on the island, there are just too many to mention, and part of the charm of a Cuba holiday is there are thousands of undiscovered selection spots for couples to savor a picnic, watch the sunset or only recline under the stars. However, there are several places which are undisputed romantic vacation highlights of the island – Old Havana itself is incredibly much a focal stage, and allows for all tastes amidst it’s 18th century colonial architecture from candlelit dinners to passionate salsa dance.

Another choice romantic holiday spot is El Salton – not really a spot on the travellers trail, but wonderfully peaceful and charming. The waterfall is usually surrounded by vibrant powdered cocoa plantations, cooling streams and mountain farms. If you prefer something somewhat more populated, then the city of Bayamo offers a cultural alternative. The town hosts the national monument, plenty of history and excellent food for any perfect candle lit evening meal. Additionally, the troubadours stroll with the town, allowing the romance to overspill from the homes into the roadways. Baracoa offers a romantic break somewhere between the peace of the countryside and also the bustle of the town. Baracoa has historic backlinks to Velasquez and Columbus, and it is surrounded by the loveliness of Cuban nature – 10 rivers, isolated beach streets, small fishing settlements, UNESCO chosen biospheres, mountains, and coconut plantations.

Everything is ready for the perfect romantic break in Cuba this Valentine’s Morning. The hotels often get special Valentines Day destroy packages, and the restaurants usually offer special menus, to give you a memorable occasion. With a few fine food and your wine, how you spend all of those other evening is up to you – fiery Latin dance or maybe a night out on the isolated beaches below the stars – Cuba really has something for any couple with an imagination for the romantic. Whether you’re buying memorable Valentines Day break or to spend your honeymoon within Cuba, you’ll be spoiled for choice in the romance department.

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Magical Twin Centre Holidays In Cuba

by on Jan.12, 2012, under cuba

Touring the islands of the Caribbean would eventually reveal the exotic charisma of Cuba. Booking the stylish twin Centre Cuba holidays means receiving extraordinary service, which is what every traveler wants. An it’s an easy way of organising your vacation.

Apart from picking which tourist attractions suit you the most, the rest is done for you as part of the deal. All accommodation needs are set up, flights and transfers booked and arranged to make it the most convenient vacation you ever need to have. Landing in Havana, the capital of Cuba you will be directed to transportation that takes you directly to your lodgings.

Beach enthusiasts could ask for no better deal as a mixture of touristy sight seeing trips mingle with lazy days casually strolling along the coast. The water is superbly clear, the weather warm and the people friendly. All the ingredients you need for a pleasant tropical getaway.

Cuba is an inspired and enchanting destination. It’s natural beauty is displayed in the eastern areas of the wetlands, where the native “Tocoroco” bird can be heard singing. Along the coast of the warm tropical island are pairs of Manatee known to migrate to these waters from about July through to September in the warmest areas.

The local markets are as colorful as you could possibly imagine. Being artisan in nature, hand crafted dolls donning national garb representing the political aspects of the Cuban Republic. The aroma of fresh ground coffee beans fills the air and gives the task of shopping a pleasant edge.

The tropical paradise situated on the edge of Tropic of Cancer boasts of an everlasting warmth that makes for a most relaxing vacation. The Cuban people are friendly and have an inherent culture. A Twin Centre Holiday in Cuba offers the tourist a very mellow time in the Caribbean.

Please visit Twin centre Holidays to Cuba web site by J. M. Maurette for further information on Havana Hotels

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Havana’s Cathedral, A Site Worth Visiting.

by on May.19, 2011, under cuba

It is not possible to mention the beauties of Havana without including The Cathedral Square. With its cobbled streets and beautiful facades it captivates visitors from all over the world.

Originally known as Plaza de la Cinaga (Swamp Square), and then named “Plaza de la Catedral”, it is a place that has much to do with the origins of the capital city, settled definitively on the 16th of November 1519 along the Puerto de Carenas (Havana’s harbour), or Baha de la Habana.

This square was named after a large Cathedral that was built in the 18th Century in the lands previously occupied by a Jesuit Order. Many restorations took place until this oratory became what today is one of the most impressive baroque buildings in Havana.

As an additional touch, since 1994, as an initiative of the tourist company Habaguanex S.A., its square holds dinners, official gatherings and for amusement too (chosen by important enterprises and agencies), related to travel and emblematic products such as the Habanos. The view is marvellous, to a very well preserved architecture, the cultural richness of the Cuban and the food-making in the restaurants in the surroundings.

Just few seconds walk you can find La Bodeguita del Medio, restaurant that together with El Floridita have become the most famous and emblematic restaurants not only in Cuba but also around the world. The specialty of the restaurant is the Cuban cuisine and its walls are engraved with autographs of numerous famous celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway, Mario Benedetti, Pablo Neruda or Errol Flyn and so many others.

The list of personalities that have visit this restaurant extends along decades now. Today tourists can enjoy not only the best Cuban food but also in its bar the best Mojito cocktails. There is always a crowd outside taking pictures or simply dancing to music played by a small band.

Since very early in the mornings the square becomes crowded with tourists who come to take pictures, visit the Cathedral or any of the palaces around it. After much wandering around you can seat at El Patio Restaurant whose tables are spread all over the square and enjoy the people passing by.

These places are almost sacred for a demanding tourist who is able to take pictures with his/her camera to take home after a truly amusing holidays. A Cuban feast for the senses. An environment to meditate and live. A perfect place for some leisure and dreaming.

Before booking your Holidays to cuba. Visit www.quest2cuba.co.uk for more information on the best Cuba Tours.

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