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Where To Spend Your Adventurous Vacation In The USA?

by on Oct.17, 2013, under Adventures

The USA is amazing country that offers unlimited number of attractions and adventures, natural and cultural sights. This country, which compromises of fifty states, is called “The Land of Opportunity”, as tourists can find here all they need – large and small cities, rural destinations, beaches, mountains, forests, farmlands and even deserts. The friendliness and hospitality of people here cannot be unnoticed by visitors who come from all corners of the world.

United States offers a long list of opportunities and destinations in its countless regions. For those who are lost about where to go and what the best city in the USA for adventure travel is, here are some guidelines that will help you in your choice.

New York is undoubtedly the most popular and the most visited city in America. It is located in the East coast and its skyline is famous all around the world. This amazing city can offer you great many adventures and opportunities to spend a great vacation there. The beautiful cities of Philadelphia and Boston are located nearby and can be included in your adventurous trip. The capital city of the USA, Washington, as well as Atlanta will offer you a lifetime experience too. If you are a nightlife lover, don’t miss to visit exotic Miami and to have a lot of fun in this unmatched place.

Don’t miss the West coast as well, as here you can feel the real American lifestyle. Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Hollywood, the land of celebrities – there is a lot to see and many activities to enjoy. People with different tastes and preferences can find their ideal place for vacation here, whether they are nature lovers, or they hunt for adventures of any kind. San Francisco is another must-see city that offers magnificent mountains and splendid beaches where tourists can spend incredible time.

All mentioned above places deserve your attention and visit, but among the most preferred American holiday adventure destinations undoubtedly are the Virgin Islands. Here the tourists can enjoy ultimate relaxation and incredible adventures. Each of these islands is unique and differs from others with its specific features that will enrich your vacation.

The beautiful nature in the national park attracts nature lovers from all over the world in St John. Here they may combine their beach holiday with natural beauty of forests.

Hassel Island is the best place for bold adventurers who would like to explore the beauties of the region with kayak or by snorkel.

St. Tomas on the other hand has to offer more than 40 beaches along the coast that will ensure you will have enough lazy time for rest. If you are more adventurous person, you may join one of the numerous water related sports available here, like kayaks and windsurfing.

St. Croix is famous with the natural beauty of numerous secluded spots and its 23 beaches.

The famous and beautiful Honeymoon Beach, where families with little kids can play and swim safely is located on Water Island. This island is an ideal place for the lovers of snorkeling as well, which can explore the crystal clear ocean waters. Limestone Beach is not so populated, but the shoreline is full of various small fish and starfish. However, the tourists should be cautious when swimming there. Lovers of surfing on the other hand will find the Sprat Bay perfect for this kind of sport, while they admire the long lines of coconut trees located on the beach.

Are you interested in more adventure travel hints? You can check out this great adventure holiday blog to read more remarkable facts about the travel adventures worldwide.

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    Why Bulgaria Is Exciting For Adventurers?

    by on Oct.14, 2013, under Adventures

    Although Bulgarian territory is not large, this country boasts with its phenomenal nature that includes different resorts, beautiful rivers and lakes, high and low mountains, meadows and sand beaches. The hospitable Bulgarians will always welcome you and prepare some traditional meals for you to taste, while they reveal their customs along with the local folklore.

    Adventurers will find this country great for various activities and outdoor recreations. Bulgaria can satisfy people of all ages and tastes offering a variety of historical sites and architectural reserves, eco tourism and health tourism, passive recreation on numerous beaches along the coast, ski vacations, monasteries and other cultural tours.

    Black Sea resorts are probably the most visited place for summer holidays. They offer a lot of opportunities for water related sports. In almost any of the numerous summer resorts you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, water skiing, yachting, surfing, etc. Bulgarian beach resorts are too many and provide luxury accommodation, sightseeing, bird watching and many other adventures. Among the most popular ones are Albena, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Nesabar, Pomorie, Primorsko, Kiten, to mention a few.

    Would you like to feel the genuine spirit of this land and take a history tour hunting for customs and traditions of this beautiful region? Then you need to visit some of the small Bulgarian towns and villages, like Arbanassi, Byala Cherkva, Kotel, Strazhitsa, Balgarevo, Tyulenovo, Koprivshtitsa, Bozhentsi to name a few.

    However, summer is not the only time where the tourists may enjoy their vacation in Bulgaria. This country offers great winter opportunities for the ski lovers. Tourists can visit one of the popular mountain resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo or Borovets that provide luxury hotels and wonderful ski facilities for a great winter vacation.

    Bulgaria is also popular with its balneological and spa tourism. There are many mineral sources that provide treatment of various diseases like stress, bone diseases, etc. One of the popular balneological resorts in Bulgaria is the city of Pavel Bania where experienced therapists supervise patients, who treat their bone diseases here.

    The biological diversity and great land formations of this land are unmatched, so the lovers of all kinds of adventures can take advantage of nature tours as well. Visit the most beautiful Pirin Mountain, or the highest one, called Rila, or majestic Rodopi Mountains to see amazing natural sights and panoramas. The National Park located in Pirin Mountain, as well as Srebarna Lake Reserve protect rare animals and plants and are included in UNESCO World Heritage.

    Almost all tourists who visit Bulgaria are also interested in culture tours that can acquaint them with historical past of this land. Some of the most desirable activities, offered here are production of attar of roses, located in the city of Kazanlak, watching the craftsmanship of Bulgarian artisans that make art of wood-carving, embroidery, knitting or pottery that could be seen in the open-air ethnographic museum Etara, located in Gabrovo. You can also attend numerous opera, cinema and ballet festivals in one of the big Bulgarian cities.

    Are you interested in much more adventure travel guidelines? You can check out this excellent adventure vacation blog for more incredible facts about the holiday adventures around the globe.

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      Tips To Help You Enjoy Your South America Travel

      by on May.27, 2013, under Adventures

      One of the best places you can opt to tour to is South America. The country offers a number of attractions that will keep you interested throughout your journey. Apart from the sites and traditions, your stay will be made more pleasant by the warm and friendly people in the continent. To ensure that you have a good time throughout your stay, it is important that you are adequately prepared for your South America travel.

      When getting ready for the trip, ensure that you only pack stuff that you will actually need. Anything else that is not essential should be left out. This will help to ensure that you do not have too much luggage, which can end up being a burden to you, especially if you have to frequently move around with your bags in tow. Investing in a strong and quality bag will also be worth the expense as it will keep your stuff safe without tearing easily.

      Get the necessary vaccinations you need. Carry an insect repellent. It will help keep at bay any insects and mosquitoes. This is especially important if you will be traveling through a jungle. Remember to carry your medications. If you have any prescription drugs, make sure to fill up on them before you embark on your journey as you may not find the particular drug you need in case your supply runs out.

      Make sure to pack the necessary utilities. This includes a supply of toilet paper. This will come in handy as most public toilets in the area are not stocked with toilet paper. You may carry some from the hotel you are staying in. Carry some energy bars or candy to eat as you may get hungry when you are walking around and you may be far from the shops.

      Take care of any valuables you have. The most recommended thing to do will be to take advantage of your room safe to keep your valuable jewelry or documents. This may cost you a bit more but it will be worth the expense. It is also important that you make copies of your travel documents and keep them separately from the originals. In case you lose the originals, you can use the copies for backup.

      There are a lot of Internet cafes available in most of the countries. There rates are not so high, making them affordable for most travelers. This will save you the trouble of having to carry your laptop on your trip.

      Ensure that you have adequate cash for the entire trip. While travelers checks and credit cards are accepted in some places, in most instances you will have to pay in cash. It would be advisable to carry around some money in loose currency.

      To make your South America travel experience more enjoyable, take some time to learn the language used in the specific area you will be visiting. This will make it easier for you to interact with the locals. Having a phrasebook in the local language used will be helpful.

      If you would like to know more about exciting South America travel packages, click tucantravel.com/destinations/latin-america-and-antarctica. Explore all of the amazing destinations that are waiting for you, when you visit the Tucan Travel homepage right now.

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