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Capital Of Ecuador

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One of the world’s first cities to become a UNESCO World Heritage site, Quito has been flying under the travelers’ radar for a long time. When we lived in Quito in the 1970s, we could never imagine that one day we would stroll through Latin America’s most beautiful capital with all the historical streets and monuments being beautifully restored, peaceful and safe.

In the colonial days, Lima became the center of power of Spanish colonies in South America and Quito developed into the center of religion with churches and monasteries of many Catholic ordinations competing for followers in numerous churches and monasteries. Most of them survived various powerful earthquakes, but by the second half of last century, many historical buildings were dilapidated. No doubt, the UNESCO denomination as World Heritage site had contributed to the fact that all colonial structures became legally protected and owners could only make changes to their building under strict restoration codes. Now most houses have been returned to their old glory, although many serving new functions, like restaurants, offices and hotels. Rich in resplendent plazas linked by narrow alleys, are permanently patrolled by police. Visitors can enjoy the colonial settings in a carefree environment without much worry about pickpockets and other petty crime. More than any other historical town in South America, Quito most and for all is frequented by Quitenos, who visit the town in little groups of families and/or friends. Tourists are present, but by far outnumbered by Ecuadorians who go about their business as though the own the place, and of course they do.

Whenever you go to Ecuador, please do yourself a favor and take at least 2 days to fall in love with this beautifully restored city. If you like, you can take a half day’s guided tour but after that, go out on your own, walk through the streets, sample the restaurants, explore beautifully illuminated Quito at night and mingle with the friendly Ecuadorians. They regard the colonial center of Quito or “Casco viejo” as the Quitenos call their old town, as their cultural heritage, the place that unites their rich history with the pleasures of twenty-first century.

Some of the nicest streets and squares are mainly for pedestrians and all of the old center can be best visited walking which really is the nicest way to enjoy the different plazas and monuments. The entire old city can be explored on foot in relatively brief walks. When you feel tired, there are little cafes everywhere and prices are very modest.

There are more than 30 historical churches and chapels and it is impossible to name them all, but we like to at least mention the most beautiful of all: The Compania Church with its renaissance facade and courtyard. The interior is covered with gold and is rich in renaissance statutes and paintings; Many consider it the prettiest church of South America.

In 2008, Quito was highlighted in the travel section of the New York times, listing Quito as one of the 53 most interesting cities in the world for Americans to visit. Samantha Brown called Quito “Passport to Latin America” being the perfect place from where to initiate travel to discover Latin America. Since then, Quito has been highlighted in television programs of CBN and NBC, while many other magazines and newspapers have dedicated center fold sections to this previously undervalued most beautiful colonial capital of all the Americas.

In fact, the most impressive destinations in Latin America starts with Ecuador, followed by Peru and the other Southern destinations, that can all conveniently be reached from Quito.

For almost four decades, Wesly Vanderhill has lived in Ecuador’s capital and he shares his knowledge and high resolution pictures about churches and monasteries and other delightful monuments of Ecuador

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