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Buying Phuket Property

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Travel

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Thinking of purchasing a place in Thailand? New arrivals favor two locations in particular. Bangkok is the destination for those in Thailand seeking life experience, or who have relocated for career reasons. Phuket is the place to go for adventure-loving retirees; its relaxing beaches and easy-going lifestyle is the perfect tonic for expatriates. Bangkok and Phuket’s homes are something to see, so let’s take a look.

Homes in Bangkok – Bangkok is a huge, sprawling city of 8 million people – for Americans, this means Bangkok is about the same size as New York City. For expatriates who need to live in Bangkok for the purposes of doing business with their multinational corporation, in-city living means living in a luxury condominium or high-rise apartment – the closer to the city center, the higher the price. For those who do not want to live in an apartment or condominium, careful searching in Bangkok’s city center will reveal a few single-family homes and town houses, but these are few and far between.

Phuket Houses – The star of the travel and resort sector of Thailand’s economy is, of course, Phuket island. This once hugely-popular tourist spot (Europeans, especially, used to flock there) gained infamy as the unfortunate location of the devastating 2004 Tsunami. Nearly five years along, Phuket is still putting the pieces back together, but the island has come a long way towards returning to normalcy. The beautiful blue water lapping at Phuket’s beaches, in fact, is as clean and clear now as it was two decades ago.

Phuket has some advantages in the area of infrastructure over Samui and other destinations for tourists in Thailand as it has a better standard of living with better housing and better roads. Phuket may be the most well off Thailand province but it still is very affordable for those who wish to settle in the area especially if they are westerners. And it offers some international schools with American and/or British courses and content which are especially made for children who speak English.

As is the case with Bangkok, there is a vast selection of houses for sale in Phuket with considerable variance in style. There is everything from town homes to higher end apartments and the homes of Phuket often look like they are made to accomodate the western view of what is luxury.

If you want to buy a home in Thailand, take care as you will not be able to purchase the land that it is on as there is a Thai law that states that those who come from other places cannot own land. But that Thai law does not prevent you from purchasing units in condominiums or structures like buildings, so if you obtain the help of a reliable real estate agent and do your research, you will find that purchasing a home in Thailand can be a very good experience.

Thailand and Phuket can be a tropical paradise. To find out more about buying Phuket property or for more general Thailand property news check out the Prime Real Estate Phuket site and real estate blog.

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