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Benefits Of Smoking The Imperial Hookah

by on May.24, 2013, under Vacations

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People who are fond of smoking often come across the imperial hookah as an option. This item is also known as shisha, or goza, and has become quite popular. It is somewhat different to smoking usual cigarettes, so there are arguments over whether it is more healthy or not. This question has become quite a debate in online chats. The tobacco is initially warmed, and is then passed through water to a pipe through which the smoke it is inhaled by the smoker.

Although smoking in general is not recommended by health advocates, they insist that shisha is more harmful. Health professionals say that someone who smokes shisha may even be more likely to contract one of the diseases that are related to smoking. Since that hookahs do not make use of anything to cleanse the smoke, such as the filter of a normal cigarette, it is considered to be more risky. The smoke is simply taken immediately into the lungs. The water of the device is also not there to remove harmful substances.

The other concern that is raised by the health maestros is that shisha makes one smoke more nicotine than they would have smoked if they were using the conventional cigarette. Research has shown that people who use shisha smoke continuously for more than one hour. This is probably because unlike cigarettes which may start to constrict your throat with tar after a few drags, this involves inhaling wet smoke.

While the health concerns of using shisha or goza remains debatable, one thing is certain. Youths all over the world have fallen in love with shisha. Nightclubs are overdoing themselves to stock their shelves with all types of shisha or goza and an assortment of flavors to go with it. Nicotine lovers are buying them for use at home. At this rate, rather than whine about how dangerous smoking shisha is, we should probably be looking into safety measures that can be put in place to ensure you minimize the risks of getting tobacco-related maladies.

Every once in a while, the device needs to be undone, and washed. There are a number of ways it can be cleaned, some better than others, but the choice is up to the user. A goza that has been regularly well washed will be more satisfying.

If you use a high quality charcoal for your smoking piece, it could aid towards a healthier experience. Cheaper brands are not always the right choice, and do not have the same effect as the more expensive brands. There may also be a certain type of charcoal that is better to use.

Allow yourself to smoke for a reasonable length of time. Monitor the number of times you smoke per day as well. Try and keep to a more moderate number, and don’t let the benefits of the wet smoke encourage you to continue for hours. Smoking a little less will definitely help reduce your risk of illness.

If you would rather not go through the hassles of continuously cleaning the device, a disposable imperial hookah may be best. It comes as a set with all the things you need; ready to be used. It is small, about as big as a pencil, and has various flavors. You can get up to 600 puffs from the little device, and it can also be ‘turned-off’ at any time.

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