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Orca Whales of the Salish Sea

by on Aug.14, 2012, under Adventures

Orca (Killer) Whales roam the oceans of the world. These beautiful mammals normally travel in small family groups called pods. “Transient” Orca whales (those that continually travel) live in smaller pods than “Resident” Orca whales who live in much larger family groups and tend to stay in certain well defined areas for most of the year.

The San Juan Islands of Washington State offer the best Orca whale watching in the world. The “Southern Residents” as these Orca whales are called live in three pods called J, K,& L pod. The total amount of whales in these three pods is almost ninety animals. J, K & L pod all inter-act with each other, often swimming together and should be considered one very large extended family of Orca Whales. There also is a group of Orca Whales called the “Northern Residents” who live in British Columbia, but these animals live in an area that is very hard to access for the general public, and so viewing them is very difficult.

“Southern Resident” Orca whales live and travel in an area called the Salish Sea (an Indian name for this coastal area). This area includes the San Juan Island archipelago of Washington State and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. The reason that this area can support so many resident Orca Whales is because Salmon ( the only thing the resident Orca’s eat) are so plentiful. Salmon is a very rich food source and these fish return from the Pacific Ocean where they spend up to four years before they swim down the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and into the Salish Sea as they travel back to the rivers where they spawned from.

You can find many professional whale watching companies to take you out to view the Orca Whales of Washington State. Most whale watching boats leave from Canadian ports but some whale watching boats leave right from the San Juan Islands. The best way to view these wonderful mammals is to make an enjoyable day of it. Walk on the Washington State ferry departing from Anacortes ( schedule is available on-line) and rendezvous with the whale watching company of your choice in the San Juan Islands, (do book your trip ahead of time). You can go on a very large boat( some taking over fifty passengers at a time) to small boats that only take six guests and the captain.

Seeing the Orca Whales of Washington State is a spectacular experience of majesty, and elegant beauty in nature. This trip should be on everybody’s “bucket list”.

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