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The Smoky Mountain Tunes And Tales Event At Gatlinburg

by on Jul.18, 2011, under Vacations

It’s the time for festivities at Gatlinburg, TN, the Smoky Mountain resort town, as the natives observe their Appalachian heritage. Numerous special events are organized for this celebration and these include street shows focusing on life in the Smokies. Together with these events, Gatlinburg is now having its 6th annual Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales.

The Event

The Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales will be held until mid August in this lovely town. This event will be spread over 8 weeks during this period. Costumed entertainers, musicians as well as story tellers will all participate in big celebration. According to a news report on Knox News, you will also find artisans portraying the life of the people who lived here back in the 1800s.


The celebration will be held along the Parkway. Natives and vacationers can enjoy the activities from 6 pm to 11 pm each evening through the entire eight week long Tunes and Tales festival. For anyone who is in Gatlinburg during this time, you can find to see up to 14 acts in a single evening. All of these acts will be provided absolutely free to the public. Sources in the Gatlinburg Department of Tourism, which is organizing the event, express that a revolving cast of 20 acts will be provided during this event. This cast consists of crafter’s as well as musicians and storytellers. For those who have a keen ear for music, Gatlinburg is a good location to be during the Appalachian heritage festival. Soulful traditional mountain music will soothe away cares while you go on a walk through the peaceful greenery of the tiny town. If bluegrass is your interest, you’ll surely enjoy the night bands performing traditional bluegrass standards.

Vacationing with a Difference

According to Tourism Director David Perella, the events are geared at promoting Gatlinburg as a holiday destination with a big difference. The tourism department wants to accomplish this by highlighting the specialties of this town as well as by bringing the focus on the uniqueness of Gatlinburg. Since Gatlinburg is in close proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it is in the perfect place to attract travelers coming to the mountains here. Actually, Gatlinburg is already quite the popular vacation destination for many travelers because it is a green destination right in nature’s lap, a refreshing change for those living in polluted metros.

Eco Friendly Rooms at Gatlinburg

If you’re committed to Going Green then you’re certain to enjoy the rooms at Mountain Loft, a bluegreen corporation resort. This vacation resort company takes its environmental responsibilities quite seriously indeed and eco-friendly initiatives are applied in each of its resorts. You will see that the Mountain Loft is a green paradise that gives you an unmatched vacation experience with its friendly service and comfortable rooms. Book your rooms here and you are sure to leave Gatlinburg truly rejuvenated in mind and body.

Matt Lewison is a vacation journalist working for at splendid places throughout the USA. Contact a Bluegreen liason immediately for facts concerning the best travel accommodations at any bluegreen resorts website.

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    Visit Playa Del Carmen Boutique Hotels For An Intimate Experience In The Mayan Riviera

    by on May.19, 2011, under Travel

    In order to sense the heart of a place that you would wish to visit, what definitely helps is to delve down deep, yet still to really spread your wings and enjoy a lot of it. Though Mexico is certainly itself a land rich in countless things to see and experience, Tulum’s ruins as well as the uniqueness of Playa del Carmen boutique hotels make both these options experiences you will certainly want to have. This can be a good way to truly enhance your experience of the Yucatan Peninsula, a destination several believe to be one of the best parts of Mexico. We’ll take a breeze through precisely what all you can expect here.

    One important thing that drives people to this area of the Yucatan rather than the same old Cancun loads of other people see is they would like something a bit less crowded. When you see the Mayan Riviera experience that Playa del Carmen boutique hotels can provide, you will realize that it is a tad smaller, much more intimate. This is usually a good way to really experience a fantastic region of the Yucatan without so many crowds, however still being able to have the city activities you may want. There are museums, art galleries, fine dining establishments as well as theater to enjoy here whenever you like.

    Merely 45 minutes away, you will find what Tulum has to offer. This is the site of probably the most important Mayan ruins we still have left. They are really a fantastic destination to find out more of what this culture was about. You could stay in Tulum where you’ll discover really nice mexico tulum hotels available, or perhaps you may choose to simply ride in from the Playa del Carmen boutique hotels. Either way you go, you certainly have options. Keep in mind that Tulum is about the hiking and the photographs, yet it’s still jungle conditions. This means you will need loose fitting clothing and a lot of drinking water for your trip. Buying your own water in bottles in Mexico is always advisable.

    When you are planning your vacation to these areas of Mexico’s Yucatan, don’t forget that great vacations are about advanced planning. Both Tulum’s hotels and the Playa del Carmen small hotels get filled up, especially as even more people start to learn about these destinations. For this reason, it is a smart idea to truly plan in advance and get booked for your stays and excursions as soon as you can to ensure things flow smoothly.

    We have seen how Playa del Carmen and Tulum each offer something somewhat different for you to experience. Both of them have real charm of their own types with Tulum being about history and Playa more about the culture of today. Coming for a visit will certainly be an experience you’ll enjoy as much as so many others already have.

    Albert Jefferson has been a senior travel author staying year round within Tulum, Mexico specializing in vacation info about hotels in tulum mexico plus experiences within the Yucatan Peninsula. Feel free to communicate with Albert directly if you want local advice as well as information for experiencing an amazing journey throughout Yucatan.

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    Stay In Akumal To Avoid The Hustle And Bustle Of Big Cities

    by on May.17, 2011, under Mexico

    Small is right for some of us when we travel. Rather than the turmoil of a large city, we want a smaller place where it feels as though nature’s beauty is all around us. If you count yourself into this category then a stay in the akumal hotel options, resorts or bed and breakfasts will surely suit your needs. It is a magical place of natural wonders so why don’t we begin investigating just what it has to offer.

    To start with, Akumal can be found approximately one hour or so south of Cancun in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It was established in 1958 as a location for scuba divers to come enjoy the paradise of sun, sea and sky that all come together here. It’s a very small place with under 2,000 permanent residents, yet it certainly has a very unique charm you won’t get in the rest of Mexico. The Akumal hotels along with other places to stay have an exceptionally hospitable outlook and that is something rarely found in larger places. Here, vacationers will definitely feel at home, relax and revel in genuine calm and beauty.

    The fact is, beauty is held almost sacred here. This is a major getaway spot for artists who come from around the world just to have the opportunity to paint or otherwise draw from these magnificent surroundings. The lovely white sand beaches aren’t only beautiful, they are also the location where the sea going Green turtles, a species of rare marine turtles, come to lay their eggs. Amazing aquatic species call the waters around Akumal home and taking a tour of the marine environment is not hard to accomplish if you are inclined to discover nature up close. Certainly, scuba diving is quite a common past time here, as well.

    One nice thing that makes this location quite a good selection for a lot of visitors is usually that it is very close to other cities. That means vacationers taking in Playa del Carmen, Tulum as well as other cities can make one of the Akumal hotels their home base throughout their travels. That way, they give themselves calm and space whenever they return to smaller, more peaceful Akumal.

    If you do plan to come here, know that this is a popular place. You should book any akumal hotels and resorts or resorts well ahead of time in order to have an outstanding place to stay. Make sure you bring a camera, also, to capture all that beauty.

    As you’ve seen, Akumal provides a lot that anyone can love. It is rich with beauty that you will find tough to find anywhere else. Artists, scuba divers and nature buffs all love this little town nestled next to the Caribbean and you just might, too.

    The above expose was created by Max Barrett. Max has enjoyed living in the Caribbean for upwards of 10 years & is a long time resident of Akumal, Mexico and additionally journals about his expertise of the Yucatan peninsula and akumal hotel and condo options.

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