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Go On A Yangshuo Travel After Your Xian Tour

by on Jul.13, 2010, under Travel

Ever mysterious and highly sought after Yangshuo travel, is seen as traveller’s paradise in China. The area sits between the Li River and a scenic array of beautifully shaped mountain peaks covered in greenery. This location is a wee-known hot spot for many adventurers from all corners of the world.

Rock Climbing – Very popular in this lovely destination and draws countless climbers from every corner of the world. In 1992 American climber Todd Skinner arrived in this stunning haven and created numerous memorable climbing lines, including the “Moon Walker” which traverses the highly known Moon Hill arch, amongst the karsts.

Climbers who arrive have many options of climbing shops to choose from to arrange climbers and be fitted with all the necessary gear. From beginners to expert, there is an experience for all, with over 300 routes ready and bolted.

Cave exploring – There are many beautiful caves to explore through the bountiful limestone landscape through guided tours.

Walking Trails – The Yangdi – Xing ping trail is an experience not to be missed. The journey can begin at either Yangdi or Xing ping. This is a serene journey with lovely scenery along mountains and the Li River. It is possible on your Yangshuo travel to enjoy various small villages, pebbled paths, forests of bamboo and fields along the way. The path extends over 3 river crossing with the company of local food vendors, quaint cafes, and many bamboo rafters offering rides – should one decide to be transported instead of walking.

Yulong River – Rafts of bamboo are a very popular means to explore the scenery, though tourists are warned to take caution booking should the waters be restless and brown. These are signs of dangerous conditions. Swimming is also enjoyed by many locals and visitors. The quality of water for swimming is best in the Yulong River as compared to Li Jang River, which is less desirable.

Cultural classes – An array of tradition can be experienced with first hand classes of many local traditions including:

Martial arts – An array of unique study is available for many arts including, Tai chi, Taekwondo, Qigong, to name a few.

Traditional Chinese Cooking Classes – Classes are available for bookings from one day and beyond.

Tea Ceremony – Visitors from around the world can learn about the traditional ceremony.

Live Entertainment – A beautiful setting at the Liu Sanjie Park has evening performances in remembrance of fairy singer Liu Sanjie’ love affair. This is the same location the original counts were filmed for the movie.

Shopping – There is a broad selection of shops and vendors with varied local souvenirs – from scroll paintings, kimonos, jewellery, and beyond. Various appealing items are available for purchase, yet this location does have a reputation for being much more expensive than surroundings areas in china – namely due to its high tourist traffic.

Yangshuo Travel is a beautiful destination with magical scenery and adventures available for many types of travellers. Beautiful architecture covers the villages in many styles, including those of the Ming and Qing Dynasty era.

When you have finished with ancient China with yourXian tours how about getting back to nature with a Yangshuo Travel

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Investigate Before Selecting A Xian Tour

by on Mar.31, 2010, under Travel

Xian has a long and interesting history, even more so than most other Chinese cities. It served as the capital for no less than twelve ancient dynasties which ruled for thousands of years. The city is of course best known for the world famous Terracotta warriors – more than seven thousand very life-like statues of soldiers originally created to guard over the tomb of the Emperor Qin Shihuang. There is a lot more to Xian than just the warriors though and you will be ill advised to try and visit (and understand) everything on your own. Rather take a tour with a guide that knows his history. In this article we will advise you about Xian Tours and what to look out for before you choose a particular one.

When comparing different tours, beware of things that are not included in the price. These often come in the form of ‘optional’ extras and can inflate the price markedly. Any tour of Xian that doesn’t include the venues below should not even be considered.

The Terracotta warriors will of course be the highlight of your tour. When this site was first unearthed by archaeologists during the 20th century it was widely hailed as one of the most remarkable finds of the past hundred years. The museum complex has very interesting exhibits as well, ranging from artifacts to treasures and everyday items excavated from the site. There’s also an excellent movie shown at regular intervals explaining the site’s history.

After the Warriors, most tours visit the Banpo site. This is the intriguing remains of a 6000 year old matriarchal community. They used tools made chiefly of wood and stone. The men fished while the women served kept themselves busy with raising the children, pottery and spinning.

Another important city landmark and well worth a visit is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. (There’s also a Small Wild Goose Pagoda, so don’t get confused). A few kilometers from the Pagoda you will find one of the best preserved ancient city walls in all of China. If you stand on the wall you can for a moment be forgiven to think that you are actually an emperor.

The Muslim influence in Xian is clearly visible in many parts of the city. If you want to closely experience Muslim culture with Chinese characteristics, make sure your tour includes a visit to the Great Mosque and the area around it. This is a very exotic part of the city and it feels very different to most other Chinese cities located further East.

For avid shoppers the area close to the Mosque is a paradise. The street called Huajue Xiang in particular is lined with many stalls offering crafts, arts and antiques. Prices are on the whole more reasonable than in larger cities like Shanghai or Beijing. You should be wide awake, however, since quality can differ widely from one stall to the other. If your tour bus stops at a specific stall or shop, don’t feel under pressure to buy anything there.

No traveler should ever leave Xian without first tasting the delicious food this city is known for. Xian is of course best known for jiaozi, a delicious dumpling stuffed with meat, chicken, seafood or veggies. These taste so good that you would want to take some home and they’re highly nutritious too!

Now that you know more about Xian tours – what to look out for and what to enjoy, there is nothing to stop you from visiting to this delightful, exotic and interesting Chinese city. It might well prove to be the highlight of your visit to China.

Xian Travel Service provides a wonderful experience when you tour Xian

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