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Cheap Getaways for St. Patrick’s Day

by on Apr.11, 2013, under Travel

St. Patrick’s day; a day dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland or for many of us, a great excuse to don a leprechaun hat and drink Guinness. If there’s one thing that’s certain however, it is that the day is a great excuse for a party whether you’re Irish or not!

Dublin is probably the destination where the majority of holidaymakers will head. The Irish capital is throwing a festival over the long weekend which consists of street performances, music, Irish comedy, walking tours and of course the opportunity to visit the Guinness factory and sample a pint of the black stuff whilst looking at panoramic city views in the Skybar.

Alternatively Mytravel.com offers flights and accommodation in a number of destinations where you will find the cost of revelling to be a lot cheaper. Moscow is one such example and the Russian city has strangely been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day since 1992 with a parade that is steadily increasing in size. Expect to see Cossack horsemen and marching bands.

The Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Club is hosting an Invitational Tournament this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Teams from the UK and Ireland are both invited, so if you travel to Amsterdam for St. Paddy’s you’re bound to find great craic and the opportunity to watch traditional Gaelic sport, such as hurling, being played.

Hungary is famed for its pretty scenery and cheap beer, making it an excellent destination to visit on St. Patrick’s day and mytravel.com have a great variety of hotels in the capital city, Budapest. Budapest is host to an excellent St. Patricks day festival, taking place over four days and including an Irish film festival, gala dinner, parade, face-painters, musicians and dancers. If you do end up having one too many pints of the black stuff, you can always appease the hangover the next day with a relaxing soak in one of the city’s famous Baths.

Wherever you decide to spend St Patrick’s Day you should be prepared to party Irish style, after all everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s day!

Emily Collins writes on behalf of MyTravel.com. Visit their website for great deals.

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    Best Resorts for Nightlife in Crete and the Mediterranean

    by on Mar.27, 2013, under Travel

    Crete is often labelled a party island – and it’s not without due cause. Most visiting tourists are looking to paint the town red as soon as the sun sets and all of the main resorts have outrageously popular nightspots.

    Heraklion Town is Crete’s capital and one of the best loved destinations for tourists looking to party. The lively bars and clubs are what make it so popular at times, a little crowded. Though the names of Clubs might change year on year, you will always find something going on around the harbour area. The real party scene doesn’t kick off until the early hours, so its best to have a late dinner before heading out.

    Since the 70s holidaymakers have flocked to Ayia Napa, making it the best known of all the party resorts in Cyprus. Ayia Napa’s vitality can be seen in any of the late night clubs, which are generally open for dancing and drinking until 4am and tend to attract crowds from neighbouring towns. Nearby Protaras is a quieter alternative, as the crowd here tends to be more mature closing times are nowhere near as late.

    The locals in Turkey often head to ‘meyhanes’ – traditional bars where mezze and raki a plenty are on offer. If you want to enjoy a relaxing night on the town whilst in Turkey, visiting a meyhane is a good choice. Often said to be the oldest bar in the popular Turkish resort of Bodrum, The Veli, is perfect for enjoying such an evening.

    For an evening of class on the Costa Blanca, start your night at Torrevieja’s Casino Cultural Society, just an hour’s drive south of Alicante. Housed in a Moorish building along the seafront, you can visit this members’ club for tours and drinks. If this gives you a taste for gambling, try your luck at the modern casino located on the road between Benidorm and Vollajoyosa. Though not quite as fancy as the Casino Cultural Society, you are still sure to have a great night.

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      Unusual facts about some of the worlds favourite holiday haunts

      by on Mar.26, 2013, under Travel

      In terms of being modern, Dubai is one of the most youthful spots in the world. Its impressive skyline has only come to life in the last couples of decades, as if emerging from nothing. This great architectural achievement wasn’t just the result of the work of nationals.

      Emirati nationals are in the minority in Dubai, with expats accounting for 80% of the population, which is currently estimated at 2.1 million. The influx of expats has been so high that the 1995 population figure of 700,000 has tripled. People are still heading to Dubai in search of success, despite the recession

      Morocco has a population of 32 million people, about the same as Canada, though its landmass is akin to California. The majority of the population is Muslim – with a smattering of Christian and Jewish – which means most nationals do not consume alcohol. And if there’s an urge to, the government has 100% domestic booze tax in place. Paradoxically, the country has fourteen wine regions, and the standard of wine is considered to be good too.

      We British love a good cup of tea, and so do the Moroccans! Whilst we prefer black tea, they favour green and have a big variety to choose from. Much like in China, tea ceremonies are common; during these people are shown how to prepare and drink tea correctly. Moroccans have a much sweeter tooth than is common in Britain however, having as many as six lumps of sugar in their tea, so be careful when accepting a cup!

      Home to the ancient city of Carthage, Tunisia played a vital role in the Mediterranean. As it is located so close to the edge of North Africa, it became a sort of hub with links to important routes for shipping. The Arabs, Romans, French and Ottomans all viewed Tunisia as strategically significance over the years, using it as a regional vantage point.

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