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Benefits Of Visitor Care Insurance Policy

by on May.31, 2011, under Vacations

Visitor Care Insurance is a beneficial and popular visitor health insurance policy offering beneficial coverage. The premiums are affordable and individuals are covered while they travel outside their native country. Since senior citizens who are above 65 years old are also eligible for the policy, this visitor travel medical insurance plan is quite popular among parents visiting the US or international travelers.

Non US citizens who are traveling abroad are also eligible to purchase this visitors insurance plan. Coverage for senior citizens who are above 65 years should start within a month of arriving in the country if the traveler does not have any other valid international travel health insurance coverage. Individuals who are outside the US while applying for this insurance plan should mention the planned date of arrival into the country in the enrollment form.

The Visitors Care Insurance covers pre-defined benefits for medical expenses that occur during the stay abroad. Some of the benefits offered by Visitor Care Insurance include hospitalization charges, prescription drug coverage, diagnostic tests, out-patient treatment, intensive care in the case of emergencies, dental injuries to sound natural teeth due to accidents during the stay abroad, doctor consultation, surgeries, private nursing care and local ambulance transport.

The insured individuals can reap best benefits by consulting any medical expert, hospital or clinic that are a part of the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network. This would entitle them treatments at discounted prices and also reduce the out-of-pocket costs during the course of treatment.

Coverage begins on the date of receipt of completed application form along with the premium or the departure date of the insured from the home country or the date specified in the enrollment form at the time of submission.

The visitor health insurance policy will be valid till the return date of the insured back to the native country or the lapse or expiry of the visitor care insurance policy or the date of coverage specified in the application form.

Visitors Care travel health insurance policy offers three different insurance plan options with different policy maximums. The minimum purchase period of this visitor medical insurance plan is 5 days and can be purchased at a time for up to a period of 1 year. The travel medical insurance plan can be renewed for a maximum period of 24 months at a time.

Cancellation requests should be submitted before the effective start date of the Visitor Care insurance plan in order to get full refund. Otherwise, refunds would be given on a pro rated basis provided the insured has not filed for any claims under the medical insurance plan after deducting a nominal cancellation processing fee.

Ray Sondeo often writes about Visitor health insurance news.

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    Travel Insurance Policy -Tips To Shop

    by on May.31, 2010, under Vacations

    Traveling overseas has increased over the years. Many families want to explore new and exotic locations. Planning for such a trip can be exciting. You make plans to see interesting landmarks, stores to shop, and tours to take. But you can’t plan on sickness or injury. When planning for an international trip, you should always consider travel insurance. Though it is not as exciting, travel insurance can protect yourself and your family from the unexpected.

    Families typically go on vacations to get away for awhile. You leave all your troubles behind and go somewhere to relax. What you can’t leave behind is sickness and an unexpected injury. To cover yourself from these possible events, travel insurance is something you should get before you leave.

    It is in your best interest to have trip cancellation insurance, even if you don’t plan on using it. You never know what may happen at the last minute. A trip may be cancelled due to natural disasters, an epidemic outbreak, or even bad weather. This insurance can protect you from this.

    The internet is a fountain of information about any country. The sites are usually up-to-date on any current terrorist activity, major disasters, and any epidemic outbreaks. These things are important to know when planning a trip; you can make changes accordingly.

    Talk to your healthcare provider about travel medical insurance. He can give you the information you need to know about required vaccines. In some countries, the water is not fit to drink. You may need to drink bottled water while you are away. The doctor can advise you on this. He can also give you advice on the best insurance coverage to use.

    Talking to your current insurance provider is also in your best interest. Find out what kinds of travel insurance they can provide and what they cover. There are many types of trip cancellation insurance available and should be one to fit your budget.

    If you need additional travel health insurance, talk to your family and friends. Many can recommend a credible insurance provider that can help. Again, compares rates and coverage before you make a decision.

    Traveling overseas can be fun and exciting. Don’t let an unexpected sickness, injury, or cancellation spoil your fun. There are many types of travel insurance such as trip cancellation insurance and travel health insurance. Think ahead and look into trip cancellation insurance before you leave. Enjoy your trip.

    Dan Miller frequently writes about travel medical insurance

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