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To Visit A Long Isolated Nation Try Mongolian Tours And Visit History

by on Dec.23, 2012, under Vacations

Sandwiched between the Russian Federation and China is a vast and difficult land with a turbulent history. This vast landscape can be brutal and unforgiving, but it has nurtured a population for centuries. The experience of Mongolian tours allows one a glimpse into a truly ancient history.

Not many people in the modern world know much about the ancient culture whose most famous features are the Gobi desert and the grand steppes. These vast expanses seem barren and forbidding, but the nomadic peoples have thrived there for generations. Their lifestyle is unique, both mysterious and efficient, and surviving in an area where the ground is frozen for nine months of each year is challenging.

The people who live in the Grand Steppes of the vast plains are a hearty breed, they have to be to survive. The land is frozen for the majority of the year, and this bitter cold means that the rock hard ground is virtually unworkable. The wild grasses feed the livestock, and they manage to survive by living off the animals and what they can catch hunting and fishing.

In its glory days, Genghis Kahn united the nomadic tribes and, through a succession of brutal campaigns ruled over a vast expanse of central Eurasia. Shortly after his death his descendant Kublai Kahn stretched the empire eastward with victories over the Chinese. Later the roles would reverse and the Mongolian people would be driven back into the Steppes by succeeding Chinese leaders.

Like many of the civilizations, the period between 1100 to 1200 AD saw the country experience a nearly continuous siege. Over time they were conquered by the Russians from the north and the Chinese from the south on numerous occasions. With so much land space and such a small population, invaders conquered quickly. This same sparse population leaves the country a truly open wilderness, a tremendous draw for urban dwelling tourists.

When visitors from the US take a long ride into the steppes, they are exhilarated by the openness that engenders a feeling of freedom. This was the spirit that was evoked in the western films so popular in American culture. Those that remain to see the night sky are mesmerized by the clarity of its unpolluted view of stars and the heavens.

The majority of the people some 53 percent, are Buddhists, and the second largest demographic segment, 36 percent are non-religious. Ornate temples can be found throughout the nation and the practice of Buddhist chanting has re-surged following the departure of Russian occupiers with the Soviet union fell. Unfortunately the Russians took with them some historic Buddha statues which have disappeared since.

With a history and people stretching farther back than the 11th century there is much to see in this central Eurasian nation. With a very slow economy and tiny population, the land has not been significantly changed in all this time. With clear, mostly cloudless blue skies make for brilliant sunny days and incredible star filled nights, Mongolian tours make for the memories of a lifetime.

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