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Five-star Treatment for Four-legged, Furry Friends

by on Jan.07, 2013, under Travel

Although going on holiday might be a breeze, if you have a pet to put up for your stint in the sun, it can become a bit more complicated. However, whether it’s a cat or a dog that’s caught your fancy, we’ve rounded up a list of tips and arrangements to make while you’re away.

Many pet owners are kept so thoroughly under the paws of their companion animals that they’ll put off going on holiday indefinitely, lest Felix or Rover’s furry nose is put out of joint by their absence. But the reality is that there are many excellent options open to pet owners wanting to get away without the guilt.

Another savvy and perhaps cheaper option is to hire a dog-sitter. Whether this is a family member or neighbour, it’s a good idea for securing your home’s safety as well as someone is regularly going in and out of your home. Just make sure they lock up properly! If you can’t find anyone to pop round, professional dog sitters are on-hand or even dog camps, which can train your dogs and better their obedience and nature while you’re away.

We think of cats as aloof and independent, and it’s certainly an act they like to put on for our benefit! Most cats can be left alone for a night or two, with automated food dispensers and drinking fountains. For any longer, ask a friend or neighbour to pop in every day and check that all is well with your cat, give her some cuddles and top up food and water.

Those going away for several weeks at a time though, might want to invest in sending your feline to the cattery or have a sitter stay in your home for the stint.

Catherine McCulloch is a London-based writer who often goes on holiday. Click here to check out the range of deals from www.mytravel.com.

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    Spain in the Snow

    by on Oct.29, 2012, under spain

    The last thing that comes to mind when you picture Spain is ski slopes and wintry weather. However, this country happens to have more to offer than just your typical beach break as there’s a variety of mountainous landscape to discover from the Pyrenees along the French border to the Sierra Nevada in the south of Spain. Here’s a list of some of the ones.

    The Spanish Pyrenees in the Catalonia and Aragon regions have the greatest concentration of ski resorts in Spain with high altitudes and spectacular views. Perhaps the most renowned is Baqueira-Beret resort in the Catalonian Pyrenees, which has wide gentle slopes that are ideal for beginners, as well as much more challenging pistes for advanced skiers.

    Another ski destination in the Catalan region to go to is La Molina, a short commute on the train from Barcelona. The oldest of Spain’s skiing resorts, there are plenty of slopes to choose from for all abilities. Neighbouring resort Masella is great for advanced skiers who want to push their boundaries and slalom through trees on steep black slopes. Though it’s a large resort, there is little in the way of evening entertainment, but what it lacks in nightlife it certainly makes up for in sheer natural beauty.

    When it comes to winter sports, the village of Formigal in the Aragon Pyrenees takes the cake. Perfect for a family holiday, there’s plenty of space for the little ones to learn how to ski. More experienced families should go to the nearby Candanchu, a resort with tricky pistes to test your abilities. Candanchu has a wide range of cross-country trails and boasts the country’s oldest skiing school.

    If you’d prefer to go on a holiday with a mix of sun, sand and snow, look no further than the Sierra Nevada, which is home to the southernmost skiing in Europe. Here it’s possible to be on the beach and then on the slopes in the matter of an afternoon, offering plenty of variety. If skiing isn’t your sport, try the dogsledding and snow park for keen snowboarders.

    Cathy Mack is a travel writer who often goes on trips to Spain.


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      Famous Artists from Spain

      by on Sep.13, 2012, under spain

      There’s more to Spain than sun-drenched beaches and buzzing night-life – not that there’s anything wrong with those! The country has an awe-inspiring record when it comes to producing people of genius, individuals who have made their mark on the worlds of art, architecture, music and literature. Here’s a list of some noteworthy Spaniards.

      During the London games opening ceremony, we were kept on the edge of our seats as we watched Team Spain enter the stadium in a brightly coloured and patterned tracksuits. Although the rest of the world might have been a bit sceptical, they paid tribute to the great Antoni Gaudi, the famous Barcelona architect.

      Responsible for designing a large majority of the city’s most renowned structures, Gaudi is a pioneer in Spanish art as well as architecture. From his ceramic pieces at Park Guell to the incomplete Segrada Familia, a project he worked on up until his death, Barcelona’s skyline celebrates his genius visions and creations. Not only is he famous for his contributions to Spain, but he’s also world famous for his inspiring works and today remains a major part of the city’s tourist attractions.

      From Taylor Swift to Professor Green, it’s fair to say a lot of our famous artists are from either America or Britain, however in the 1970s and 80s it was all about one man — the iconic Julio Iglesias. Who although ended up calling Miami his home, was born and raised in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

      One of his first international appearances was representing Spain at the 1970 Eurovision song contest, although he only managed fourth place. His move to the US was prompted by the kidnapping of his father by Basque terrorists in 1981 (the experience seems to have had no lasting ill effects on Julio Snr, a gynaecologist who fathered his two youngest children at 89 and 91).

      Catherine McCulloch is a writer who loves to go on holiday to Spain.

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