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Short Term Mission Trips – Know Everything About It

by on Jul.17, 2011, under Travel

My Experience
I’ve been on 7 short-term mission trips with Global Ventures. Every time I go, my life is radically changed. I’ve never seen so many people give their life to Christ at one time. And I’ve never seen so many miracles in a weeks’ time. What I love is how people of all ages can come on one of these trips. I had a Seventy-year-old lady on my team in Haiti and then a Nine-year-old boy on my team in Peru.


* Get your passport (2 head shot pictures 2 x 2 inch and apply in person at your local post office) Click here for passport requirements.
* Choose a trip!
* Fill out an Application
* Start raising money! Raising funds has never been so simple. See the Global Ventures website for a list of fundraisers and ways to raise money.
* Fill out and have Blue Forms notarized.

Common concerns or questions you may have about a short-term mission trip:

Q: Where will I sleep?
A: You need to stay in the nicest hotel available.

Q: What does a typical day look like on a trip?
A: your typical day may include street ministry in the mornings, a short rest time in the afternoon, followed by an evening crusade.

Q: What will we eat and how often?
A: You will eat native food to that area, 3 times a day.

Q: How long is the trip?
A: Generally all trips are 10 days.

Q: How will I know what to preach?
A: They send you a script of what to say, word for word.

Q: When do we learn the drama?
A: Once in country, you will learn the drama during the day of training.

What to expect on a 10-day trip?
I can assure you that you will have a great time on this trip.
You will have a week packed full of street ministry: during the mornings/afternoons each team (roughly 6-10 people) will reach-out to local street markets, villages and schools. You can represent the gospel in front of the people with the help of clowns and relevant dramas.

At night during the evening crusades you will see thousands of people accept Christ and real life miracles happen right before your eyes. In addition, you have the opportunity to share with the crowds about the miracles you saw that day during the street ministry time.

I would like to tell you that my favorite part of the week is the Kid’s Crusade, and it is generally held at the end of the week. All team members regardless of their age participate in the Kid’s Crusade. Gospels are preached and thousands of people receive Jesus through clowns, fun characters, songs, candies and games.

Just a couple of things to expect: you can get authentic native food in the country where you are travelling. You will be along with a team with people from all over the nation and possibly the world and you may also get a chance to meet with a life-long friend on a future Global Venture trip!

Free Day: you can expect to work hard on your short term mission trip because it is meant for people of all ages. Oh yeah, and there’s a free day on every trip! In the 2009 Peru trip we went sand boarding!

Random Items I have learned to bring:

* Convertor
* Electrolytes
* Baby Powder
* Lots of snacks
* Small notebook
* Black Sharpie
* Dry Shampoo
* A good trail mix
* Neck pillow for plane ride
* Ear plugs

What it comes Down To:
You can really make a difference if you are going on a short term mission trip. These short term mission trips are extremely safe and adventurous and this is the most necessary feature that I love the most regarding short term trips. I’ve hiked over 3 hours to reach a village of 40 people through the Cambodian Jungles. For the natives it was their first time ever seeing a white face. On the other hand, I’ve been to an all-Christian school in Peru, where I thought everyone already knew about God and his miraculous power; but we ended up with 3 different girls who received their sight and were able to see for the first time.

Short term mission trips are challenging enough for a younger person but not over-exhausting for someone a bit older in age. You can get a chance to preach the simple Gospel in some of the unreached parts of the world.

You check out John Smithwick, the founder of Global Ventures, on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Stop The Exploitation of Children – Some Must Know Facts Regarding It

    by on Jul.13, 2011, under Travel

    While I was travelling with John Smithwick on various Global Ventures mission trips and working on the Thailand Harvest Plan, I came to know about the growing evil of Thailand and that was actually the exploitation of children. According to Bob Scott who is the co-founder of Thailand Harvest Plan, children who are approximately 10 years old are exploited daily in Thailand. They are also sold into prostitution at a rapidly increasing rate. The statistics that I have found are literally unbelievable.

    * According to the Sirirat Pusurinkham’s article, “Girls who are approximately 10-12 years old are forced to serve men in the sex industry. Most of them have to do sex with approximately ten to fifteen men every day. Sometimes, this limit may exceed to as many as 20 to 30. ”

    * More than 400,000 children who are not more than 16 years old are exploited very badly in various Thailand clubs, brothels and bars.

    Unfortunately, the majority of Thai families are given very few opportunities for financial gain. Most are faced with extreme poverty and no hope for a way out. It’s because of these circumstances and the lack of alternatives that parents so easily sell their children into a life of exploitation and prostitution.

    One article in the Pattaya Daily News says that, “It is not uncommon to hear of a child being rented out or sold by their family for financial gain, sometimes for as little as a Baht2,000-3,000. ” That’s roughly 60-90 US dollars. What a terrible reality that people could be so desperate that they would knowingly sell their children into a life of prostitution and for so very little. It’s hard for my western mind to grasp how anyone could knowingly allow their child to be exploited at all and much less for a mere 60 US dollars.

    The truth of the matter is the people of Thailand are in need of the truth of Jesus Christ. There’s not enough money to end poverty all together so that won’t solve the problem. Cracking down on the criminals who are buying and exploiting these children in a life of prostitution is great and should be done, but even that won’t solve everything. As long as there are people out there willing to pay for these exploited children, there will be people willing to sell them.

    However, you can’t sell what no one is willing to buy. So what can be done? How can things really even begin to change in Thailand? Change begins when the hearts of the people change. And the only one who has the power to bring about that change is Jesus Christ. So how can we help? We have to get Jesus Christ to the people.

    Well, I would like to tell you that the current statistics of Thailand is very grim and there is very little hope regarding it. Now, Bob Scott and John Smithwick are working together and making strides for changing the nation of Thailand.

    Global Ventures Mission Trip

    John Smithwick is actually bringing in teams of Christians from all over North America on Global Ventures mission trips in Thailand. These Christians are given the basic tools needed to effectively minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Street Evangelism and Mass Crusades.

    I would like to tell you that I have also been a part of five Global mission trips that were made to Thailand. I experienced that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can put in a huge effect on the lives of people.

    The Thailand Harvest Plan

    The next piece of the puzzle is the Thailand Harvest Plan. A long-term plan to help facilitate the Thai people who receive Jesus Christ as their Lord through the efforts of the Global Ventures teams. The goal is to be able to plant a church in a new city along with each Global Ventures mission trip and mass crusade. This provides a place for all of the new Christians to go and be trained.

    Bob Scott has also worked to train Thai nationalists to fulfill their different roles within the churches. He has also helped them to evangelize and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s really amazing to see that what all is happening in Thailand.

    It is evident in the Thais who have received Jesus as Lord that there has truly been a change in their hearts and their lives. Change is happening and there is a hope for the future of Thailand, but it’s only just begun.

    Make a difference. Join Global Ventures on a mission trip in Thailand. Thailand is waiting.

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      Dublin- An Amazing Holiday Destination

      by on Jan.30, 2011, under Travel

      This place is famous as one of the best vacation destination all across the world. If you are planning for your celebrating your vacations and are confused where to enjoy it then I would recommend you to visit Dublin, Ireland. This destination will surely compel you towards its charm and beauty. Dublin is the biggest city of Ireland country. It is a biggest capital city bounded by great Atlantic Ocean. If you really wish to know more about this place then you must keep on interpreting this article.

      There are several beautiful attractions to enjoy in this capital city of Ireland such as Connemara and walking through a rugged and wild countryside. Some of the beautiful islands are listed below.

      Aran Islands
      These small islands are very nice to view where everyone can walk around. Here at these beautiful islands you will walk through a dark tunnel. Enjoy some other places such as prehistoric sea and Neolithic tombs. This beautiful place is famous for Giant’s Causeway, Cliffs of Moher, Guinness Storehouse, Bunratty Castle and cashels rock. These are some famous places that should not be ignored.

      Temple bar
      Temple Bar is one of the most visited places where one can truly enjoy the night life, unusual shops and restaurants located in the narrow streets. This place is also known as the birth place of parliamentarian Henry Grattan.

      The Old Jameson Distillery
      It is globally famous for preparing quality whiskey. This place is located in the center of Dublin. If you really want to see the making process of whiskey then you must visit this place of Ireland.

      Some Great Hotels In Dublin
      All luxurious hotels offer the best accommodation facilities to all its tourists. Five star hotels are Radisson Saint hotel, Dylan hotel, Merrion hotel, The Westin Dublin etc. Here you will find out many five Star, seven Star and 2 Star hotels. Two star hotels are Abbey Hotel, Dublin City Hotel, Camden De Luxe Hotel, Portobello Hotel, Aston Hotel and much more.

      Transport Information
      Dublin international Airport is situated in the north of the city. This airport is directly linked with many express highways, bus and taxi stands etc. For getting around Dublin, it has a strong network of railways. Connolly Station and Heuston Station are two major railway stations.

      The breathtaking scenes of this holiday destination would surely hypnotize you. This capital city is totally enriched with some great museums, beautiful Irish houses, castles, great pubs and gardens etc.

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