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My Second Honeymoon At Grand Cayman Island

by on May.10, 2013, under Vacations

The Caribbean region is said to be full of beautiful islands. This is exactly the reason why I wanted to spend one of my vacations there. I wanted to go there for our honeymoon, but my husband had a different plan and booke a holiday in Madrid. Our fifth wedding anniversary is this year so I wanted to go to the Caribbean area to have our second honeymoon. Shared the idea with my husband and he was agreeable to it. She said that visiting Cayman Islands in the Caribbean would be a great setting for our second honeymoon.

Stingray City was our target when we get to the Grand Cayman. We didn’t have any reservation so we asked around on where to hire a local guide to see the stingrays. When we got to where the local guides were, they were on to us like ants in a picnic basket. My wife signalled me that I should conduct the interview and negotiation. After about an hour of waiting, we joined a group of tourists to ride a van. We had to board a tiny boat, after we got to the pier. Getting on the boat scared me as it was pretty old and in bad shape. My wife was quite afraid to board the boat.

A lady in our group said that the boat is okay. She mentioned that she had been on that boat twice before. That seemed to reduce the severity of my wife’s fears. She introduced herself as Susan. She told us that we were lucky because we chose this trip. It was because we had guides who are readily available to assist us, unlike other guides on other boats. The sea was captivating and mesmerizing. And my wife and I were so happy to swim around these tame creatures. I could hear my own peals of laughter as the stingrays played around with me. My laughter grew a little each time I hand food to the rays. I looked at her and found her to be more beautiful than ever as her laughter washed away her troubles.

Even though she got tired with frolicking with the stingrays, my wife still wanted to see the landscapes of Grand Cayman Island. We then went to Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter. We liked the turtles. We were even allowed to get a turtle each for snapshot taking. But there were certain parts that we were not allowed to interact with them. We also saw Smiley the Crocodile.

We also had fun looking at sharks and other predators in their very big aquarium. My wife was also very pleased because she saw a bird flying very near a lady tourist. Then a guide told her to keep out her hand and stand still. Not long after that, a beautiful bird hovered near her hand and then landed on her palm. Her smile got to her eyes. When the bird flew away, she looked at me in amazement and awe. She told me that her experiences on this island were precious. And the best part was we were alongside one another in this island of paradise.

I was very glad to have choosen these place as a vacation getaway through travel republic and booked this unforgettable trip with my wife.We will surely cherish these moments for the rest of our lives.

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