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Australia Sun and Snow Holidays

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Although Australia is mostly noted for its summer holiday locations it is in certain places renowned for its snow. Mount Kosciuszko in the snowy mountains is a fabulous pretty landscape for people having an interest in the less warm side of Australia. To go to the natural marvel, think about exploring Campervan Hire Australia for a good way to go to and explore this great area of Australia. Mount Kosciuszko can either be spanned on foot or by ski, but will, either way, take your breath away.

You can try and hike the mountain yourself, but this action isn't generally desirable. The terrain is difficult, as is much of the nature in the Australian back country. Travel agencies might also be used to assist you in finding a good tour or hiking group so as to make Mount Kosciuszko a more logical solution. The led tours are very much safer than trekking up yourself, but are also a little bit costlier.

If you're looking to get a mountain and some cool air in the country of Australia, Mount Kosciuszko is probably the location for you. On the other hand if you are planning a characteristic Australian summer vacation and wished to see a reef while you were here then The Great Barrier Reef is for you.

Magnetic Island has white wonderful beaches and gorgeous clear water. The probable snow and beach combination can be found only in 1 or 2 places around the globe, and no trip to Australia is complete with giving it a try. Of course your stay would have to be at least 6 months in length to experience both the seasons of Summer and winter.

The other parks and recreational areas around Mount Kosciuszko are great places to see the wildlife and nature which has come to make this country a travelers must. Visit Mount Kosciuszko for a great adventure.

This essay was created by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia extensively by campervan he reccomends when touring the Top End either campervan Hire Sydney or campervan hire Brisbane, good luck with your travels.

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