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Aruba Vacation ” Enjoying Big Things in Small Packages

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Vacations

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Caribbean vacations are never cheap so if you have to spend good cash for a vacation, then better go for the spot that packs a big punch. One of these places to consider is Aurba.

Aruba is actually a part of the Netherlands. Before it even became part of it though, Aruba was formerly a Spanish colony. If anything else, this rare mix of Dutch and Latin influence is well worth exploring. You will find the mixture aptly reflected in local architecture and culture. Aside from this unique cultural and historical atmosphere, there are other reasons why Aruba is a great tourist stop.

Unfortunately, Arubas downside is its weather and climate. The island is delightfully situated away from the storm belt so you can expect great, sunny weather for most of the year. Of course, great weather has to be qualified. While in Aruba, you can expect more than just the sun shining on you. It is also the recipient of gentle trade winds so you can reasonably expect cool days even when the sun is at its hottest.

The size of the place is one of the major reasons why you should go for Aruba. Of all the Caribbean locations, this island is one of the smallest. Instead of being a disadvantage though, its smallness is actually an advantage both for the tourists and the islands tourism industry. While other destinations necessarily limit your movements due to time constraints, Aruba offers all of itself to daring explorers. You can spend your Aruba vacation on a jeep ride exploring the islands many interesting corners.

The adventurous traveler can go for a true rugged experience on the less inhabited regions of the north. For a true rugged experience, start your trip on the less inhabited regions of the north. A top northern destination is the California Lighthouse where you get the most breathtaking view of the islands surrounding natural splendor.

If you more natural experience is to your liking, you can explore the Arikok National Park on the eastern side of the island. The park makes up one fourth of the islands entire land area and is a haven for hikers and nature lovers who are at their best at the bosom of Mother Nature. The park has the best selections of diverse animal and plant life as well as amazing natural canyons and caves.

And what is Aruba without water activities? You can choose underwater and on-water adventures. Aruba is the proud location of more than forty dive sites. Many of these feature real shipwrecks that neophyte explorers can comb and swim around in. Aside from diving, another popular water pastime is windsurfing. Thanks to the constant trade winds, Aruba is a windsurfers paradise.

Aruba may be small. An Aruba vacation does however more than make up for what it lacks in land size. With the wealth of activities and escapades it has to offer, any tourist will find the visit well worth the expense.

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